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LootBot is a Telegram bot that helps you automatically farm popular crypto airdrops in just a few clicks.

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

LootBot Crypto Airdrop Bot Review


  • LootBot is a Telegram bot that helps you automatically enter popular airdrops like zkSync, Base, and LayerZero with up to 10 crypto wallets.
  • You can create up to 10 wallets, click "Start Looting", and the bot will do on-chain transactions like bridge funds, swap on DEXs, and complete other airdrop tasks.
  • The bot just launched in summer 2023 so there are risks and its legitimacy is unknown. However, it's gaining traction with 8,000 users farming airdrops with over 18,000 wallets. 

What Is LootBot.xyz?

If you want to enter highly anticipated airdrops like zkSync and LayerZero with up to 10 wallets, LootBot helps you do it with just a few clicks. It's an "automated airdrop assistant" where you can generate up to 10 crypto wallets and have it automatically run tasks like bridge funds, make swaps, mint NFTs, and other settings to help you qualify for airdrops.

It's relatively easy to use, has features to minimize gas fees, and uses anti-sybil detection techniques to avoid getting your wallets blacklisted. It's gaining traction however, it's important to note that LootBot is very new and hasn't claimed any airdrops yet. So nothing is guaranteed.

You need an invite code to join, you can use mine to get 10% off by clicking the link or use code 'm1t55y'.

LootBot Crypto Airdrop Bot

How Does It Work?

  1. Join LootBot on Telegram (10% discount)
  2. Generate up to 10 wallets
  3. Fund your wallets with min. 0.1 ETH each (max 1 ETH each)
  4. Run the Bot
  5. Repeat and track your airdrop progress over time

Why Is LootBot Gaining Traction?

Everyone knows you can make $1000s of dollars with crypto airdrops however, they are very time consuming. With an airdrop bot, you can save lots of time, enter more airdrops overall, and potentially multiply your rewards by 10x.

LootBot just launched, but already has over 8,000 users farming airdrops with over 18,000 wallets. The $LOOT token briefly hit a $10M market cap and currently sits at $7M. And Telegram Bots overall are gaining traction. CoinGecko recently added a Telegram Bots category which currently sits at a $145M market capitalization.

Things To Know

  • Everything is done through Telegram with an easy user interface and just a few buttons
  • You can generate up to 10 wallets and you will receive the private key for each wallet
  • Each wallet requires a minimum of 0.1 ETH to get started and a max of 1 ETH
  • Once you fund your wallets you can enter airdrops in just a few clicks
  • LootBot is still new and nothing is guaranteed
  • It costs $30/month per wallet or 20% of your airdrop allocation
  • $LOOT token holders receive discounts on their subscription fees
  • Currently, LootBot only supports the zkSync airdop but many others are on the way
  • You need an invite link to sign up. Use this one for 10% off

Key Features

LootBot Website
  • Automate Popular Airdrops: LootBot lets you farm the anticipated zkSync airdrop, LayerZero, Scroll, Base, Linea, Friend Tech, and others. New tasks and airdrops are being added regularly.
  • Anti-Sybil Detection: According to its website and documentation, the bot mimics real on-chain activity and avoids repetition between wallets. It's important to keep in mind, the bot is new and hasn't claimed any airdrops yet.
  • Minimized Gas Fees: LootBot will wait until gas fees are optimal. It can take up to 24 hours for your tasks to complete so this ensures you save money and gives your wallets more human-like activity. 
  • Airdrop Tracking Dashboard: In Telegram, you can see the balance, activity, and important metrics of your crypto wallets.

LootBot Tutorial

Here's how I got LootBot to start working in just a few minutes. Keep in mind, LootBot is new and NOT guaranteed to make you money. 

1. Join LootBot

To join LootBot you need a Telegram account and an invite code (use mine to get 10% off).

2. Generate Your Wallets

You'll get some welcome messages and then see a menu like this. This menu is how you interact with the bot. Select an airdrop you want to farm such as zkSync:

LootBot Menu

Then, click create wallet. You will get a message showing all of your wallet addresses and private keys. It's very important to store those safely, especially for when you want to withdraw funds in the future.

3. Fund Your Wallets

Send ETH on Ethereum Mainnet to your wallet addresses. LootBot requires you to send a minimum of 0.1 ETH to each wallet. Remember to make sure that 0.1 ETH arrives on destination after any withdrawal fees from your exchange or crypto wallet. If under 0.1 ETH arrives, the bot won't run. The max per wallet is 1 ETH.

To check when the funds have arrived, click on "Your Wallets" to view your balances.

4. Start Transacting

Now, the fun part. Click on "Looting" from the menu and then click "Bridge" to send your ETH to zkSync Era network. You can choose between two bridges, I selected Orbiter Finance because it has lower gas fees. Be patient, you will get notified when your funds have bridged. This can also help you with the upcoming Orbiter Finance airdrop.

After your funds have bridged, click "Start" and LootBot will magically conduct on-chain tasks. This can take up to 24 hours to complete as it tries to minimize gas fees.

5. Repeat and Track Your Progress

Repeat the tasks for up to 10 wallets. At any point you can click "Wallets" and "Dashboard" to see your airdrop progress.

6. Other Tips (Optional)

To maximize your airdrop potential, you can also import your wallet to MetaMask and start doing additional transactions while LootBot does its magic. For example, you can follow my zkSync guide to interact with additional dApps that aren't supported on LootBot yet. 

However, if you'll be using 10 wallets you might want to use a VPN and be careful not connect your wallets on-chain. For crypto VPNs, check out AtlasVPN and NordVPN for the best value for money.


A big issue with farming airdrops is it's time consuming. A bot can help you save you lots of time, enter more airdrops overall, and potentially multiply your rewards by 10x. LootBot currently lets you generate 10 crypto wallets and costs 20% of your airdrop reward or $30/month per wallet.

However, there are serious risks to consider. We don't know how securely they manage your private keys and we don't know if their anti-sybil detection works.  

Currently, LootBot supports the zkSync airdrop and has others on the way including LayerZero, Scroll, Linear, and others. It's important to note that LootBot is very new and hasn't claimed any airdrops yet. So nothing is guaranteed.


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