Best Crypto Exchanges 2024 (Based On Data)

Tired of hidden fees? Want to find the best places to trade? We researched the world’s largest crypto exchanges across 40 features each, collecting 1,000+ data points. Here are the best crypto exchanges for 2024.

Updated: Feb 15, 2024

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges


  • For our annual crypto exchange review, we tested 25 leading crypto exchanges, collecting over 1,000 data points.
  • The best crypto exchanges for 2024 include Bybit, Binance, OKX, and more. Each recommendation is based on various methodology, such as the data from our free comparison tool.
  • Keep in mind, there are many high-quality crypto exchanges, so the order of the list isn't important. Find the platform you like most and don't forget to check if it's available in your region.

Best Crypto Exchanges 2024

Our Picks

Number of Users (2024)

Why We Picked It

Sign Up Bonus

Bybit: Most Well Rounded

22 million

Binance: World's Largest

175 million

OKX: Sleek User Interface

50 million


10 million Runner Up

14 million

With 900+ crypto exchanges listed on CoinGecko, it's hard to find the best one. However, we believe these are the best platforms in the industry.

Each platform checks all the boxes like millions of users, billions in trading trading volume and competitive fees. Find the one you like best with the features you need most!







Trading Fee


All-In Fee

Why does Bybit top our list? From our comparison, it checked all the boxes such as low fees, huge selection of coins, lots of trading features, and more. Bybit was the most well-rounded platform in all categories making it one of the world's best crypto exchanges.

Bybit supports 1,000+ cryptos and 300+ futures contracts, nearly double the industry average of 566 coins and 166 contracts. They also support trading bots, copy trading, crypto loans, and countless other tools to make every trader happy.

  • Wide selection of assets
  • Billions in daily trading volume
  • Competitive spot and futures trading fees
  • Trusted by 22 million users
  • Excellent user-interface







Trading Fee


All-In Fee

If you want the largest crypto exchange in the world, with the deepest liquidity, low fees, and every kind of trading tool, look no further than Binance.

There's a reason Binance has 175 million customers. You'll find every trading feature, including spot and derivatives trading, copy trading, staking, margin, trading bots, and more. And it's combined with the highest trading volume in the industry, ensuring deep liquidity and optimal prices.

They offer less coins than Bybit, but still support 400+ cryptocurrencies and 300+ crypto futures with up to 125x leverage. Fees are competitive too. The spot trading fees are 0.10% and futures have a 0.02% maker fee and 0.04% taker fee.

For safety, the world's largest crypto exchange has an insurance fund with over $1 Billion in assets and customer funds are backed 1:1 according to Binance's Proof of Reserves. Binance was also given a 91.43/100 security score from Certik and a 9/10 trust score from CoinGecko.

  • Highest trading volume
  • Every trading feature
  • Competitive fees
  • $1B+ insurance fund
  • Not available in all countries
  • Only 400+ spot cryptocurrencies







Trading Fee


All-In Fee

If you want a fast-growing crypto exchange with a sleek user-interface, OKX is a great platform that's starting to gain marketshare. OKX already has 50 million users across 100+ countriesbut has been growing a lot more the last couple years.

Beginners and advanced traders will enjoy OKX for its great UX. And like all platforms on this list, it has competitive fees and tons of features. You'll find 400+ spot cryptocurrencies, 180+ crypto futures, trading bots, copy trading, a P2P marketplace, and the list goes on.

Based on CoinMarketCap rankings, OKX is top 10 in derivatives volume and has billions in spot trading volume. For those wanting to explore DeFi, OKX also features a Web3 division with a self-custody wallet, NFT aggregator, bridge aggregator, and more.

  • Sleek user interface
  • Popular derivatives exchange
  • Competitive fees
  • Has all the features
  • Only 400+ spot coins
  • Available in less countries than other exchanges


MEXC Global





Spot Trading Fee



MEXC makes the list because it has 2,000 altcoins, more than any other crypto exchange we've seen. It also does lots of other things right. For one, they have easy registration with no KYC required. 

There are zero spot trading fees as of this writing and futures have a 0.00% maker fee and 0.01% taker fee, which is among the lowest in the industry.

For all these reasons, MEXC has over 10 million users and billions of dollars in average daily trading volume. It's a popular place to trade meme coins, newer altcoins, and crypto futures with up to 200x leverage.

If you want the widest selection of altcoins with nearly zero trading fees, MEXC is is a stand-out choice. Plus, with optional KYC, it's easy to sign up and a good alternative if other platforms aren't available in your area.

  • Easy registration (optional KYC)
  • Has the most altcoins
  • Zero spot trading fees
  • Billions in daily trading volume
  • Some regions are IP-blocked (might need a VPN such as AtlasVPN)
  • Not beginner-friendly





Spot Trading Fee



Right behind MEXC, follows closely with a selection of 1,700 cryptocurrencies, plus 300+ perpetual futures to check out.

While used to have an outdated interface, they've totally revamped it, and trading on there feels way smoother now.

With 14 million users, averages billions in daily trading volume. It's perfect if you're hungry for lesser known altcoins or want all the cool trading tools and features without crazy fees. From fees to features, everything is on par with what you'd expect from the top exchanges.

  • Huge altcoin selection
  • Revamped user interface
  • Billions in trading volume
  • Offers endless features
  • Slightly higher trading fees than the other exchanges here
  • Not beginner-friendly


We evaluate the best crypto exchanges based on 50+ criteria, data from our comparison tool, and personal experience. Here are the main categories considered:

  • Coins and Features: We take a look at over a dozen platform features such as the number of coins available types of trading accounts
  • Platform Fees: This primarily includes trading fees, trading volume, and crypto withdrawal fees.
  • User Experience: We evaluate the interface, how easy the platform is to use, customer support, registration process, and overall platform experience.
  • Safety: We analyze over a dozen security factors such as the age of the crypto exchange, proof of reserves, and security breaches.


What Is The Best Crypto Futures Exchange?

Bybit is one of the best and most popular crypto futures exchanges and MEXC is one of the best non-KYC options with low fees. Check out our list of crypto futures exchanges here.

What Are The Safest Crypto Exchanges?

Our safest crypto exchanges in the world include platforms like Binance, Kraken, and Coinbase.


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