Orbiter Finance has confirmed a token and has strongly hinted at a possible airdrop. Here are different tasks to maximize your chances of qualifying for this retroactive airdrop.

May 25, 2023

Orbiter Finance Airdrop: How To Qualify Step-by-Step

Having raised $458M, zkSync is speculated to be one of the largest crypto airdrops for 2023 or 2024. Here is everything you need to know about this potential airdrop.

May 22, 2023

zkSync Airdrop Guide: 4x Times Bigger Than Arbitrum?

With a $MASK token confirmed, many are speculating that MetaMask will have a huge airdrop. Here is what you need to know and how to maximize your odds for this airdrop.

May 21, 2023

MetaMask Airdrop Guide: How to Qualify for $MASK Tokens

With 700+ crypto exchanges worldwide, it’s not easy to pick the best one. Here are 52 tips for choosing a crypto exchange to help you keep funds safe, maximize returns, and have a good trading experience.

May 18, 2023

52 Tips for Choosing A Crypto Exchange

There are many different type of crypto exchanges. Some focus on beginners, offering an easy to use experience, while others are more privacy-focused. Here are the different types and how they compare.

Apr 23, 2023

7 Different Types of Crypto Exchanges | How They All Compare

The Blockstream Jade is an affordable Bitcoin-only hardware wallet with a built-in QR scanner and multisig features. Here’s everything you need to know.

Apr 11, 2023

Blockstream Jade Hardware Wallet Review: Is It Worth $65 Bucks?

The Keystone Pro is a very nice fibreglass hardware wallet with a 4-inch touchscreen, MetaMask integration, and lots of security. See how it compares and if it’s right for you.

Mar 31, 2023

Keystone Pro Hardware Wallet Review: Is It Worth $169?

Looking for a safe and convenient way to store and display your NFTs? Featuring a 2.8 inch color touchscreen, the Nifty Wallet is the world’s first NFT hardware wallet

Mar 9, 2023

The World’s First NFT Hardware Wallet: SecuX Nifty Review

BYDFi (previously BitYard), is a young crypto exchange formed in April 2020. It offers spot trading and futures trading up to 125x leverage among many other features.

Feb 9, 2023

BYDFi Review

Nftperp is a DEX that allows traders go long or short on blue chip NFT collections such as Crypto Punks, Bored Apes and more with any budget.

Jan 16, 2023

Nftperp Review: Long and Short NFTs With Any Budget

Mux is a decentralized exchange that says users can trade cryptocurrency with zero price impact, up to 100x leverage, and aggregated liquidity. Users can trade on Arbitrum, BNB Chain, Fantom, and Avalanche.

Jan 7, 2023


ApeX is a decentralized exchange offering perpetual contracts with up to 30x leverage. It was created by the top tier CeFi exchange, Bybit, which has 5+ million users.

Jan 3, 2023

ApeX Pro Exchange Review

GMX is one of the largest DEXs on Arbitrum and Avalanche. It’s a decentralized spot and futures crypto exchange that offers 50x leverage trading, high liquidity, and fee profit sharing.

Dec 27, 2022


Learn how airdrops work, different airdrop strategies, and most importantly, the best websites to find legitimate cryptocurrency airdrops.

Dec 17, 2022

8 Best Sites to Hunt Crypto Airdrops

Stax is Ledger’s new premium hardware wallet scheduled to be released in March 2023. It was designed by one of Apple’s greatest product designers, Tony Fadell (the man behind the iPod).

Dec 12, 2022

Ledger Stax