Nftperp is a DEX that allows traders go long or short on blue chip NFT collections such as Crypto Punks, Bored Apes and more with any budget.

Jan 16, 2023

Nftperp Review: Long & Short NFTs With Any Budget

What Is Mux Network?Mux.Network is a decentralized exchange that says users can trade cryptocurrency with zero price impact, up to 100x leverage, and aggregated liquidity. The platform is non-custodial, meaning that users trade directly via their Web3 wallet, giving them complete control over their assets. It takes seconds to connect your wallet and start trading since no signup process is required. On the protocol,

Jan 7, 2023


ApeX is a decentralized exchange that offers perpetual contracts with up to 30x leverage. It was created by the top tier CeFi exchange, Bybit, which has 4+ million users.

Jan 3, 2023

ApeX Pro Exchange Review

OverviewGMX is currently the largest decentralized exchange on the Arbitrum and Avalanche network. It offers perpetual trading with up to 50x leverage.It has six trading pairs so far: ETH/USD, BTC/USD, LINK/USD, AVAX/USD, UNI/USD, and WBTC/USD; making it limited compared to other DEXs that offer a larger selection of trading pairs.The GMX trading fee is 0.1%

Dec 27, 2022

By hunting cryptocurrency airdrops, you can earn anywhere from a few dollars on the low end, to four or five figures on the high end. It can be a fun way to earn free crypto however, you have to do it safely and know where to look.If you want to learn how to find airdrops

Dec 17, 2022

8 Best Sites to Hunt Crypto Airdrops

Ledger is the staple of crypto wallets with sleek and secure devices that bring Web3 to the masses. Their wallets are reputable for security and the “Nano X” and “Nano S” are the best-selling wallets of all time. These devices are basic in design, but sturdy. Ledger decided to level it up a notch with the

Dec 12, 2022

Ledger Stax

Gameta is a promising play-to-earn (P2E) project on Binance Chain. This GameFi development company has launched over 10 games on the Google Play store and has received millions of downloads.In this post, we’re going to cover a wide range of topics, including what is Gameta, how to play, and how you can start earning GDO

Nov 2, 2022


Coinbase is one of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges, but it’s also notorious for its high fees. However, there’s a new subscription service called Coinbase One that lets you trade for free and get extra benefits for $30/month. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know, including if it’s worth it and how much

Oct 31, 2022

Coinbase One

NFT aggregators make it easy to shop multiple NFT marketplaces at once, which can save you time and help you find better deals. In this post, we rounded up the most popular ones across different blockchains so you can choose the right NFT tool for your needs.What Is An NFT Aggregator?NFT aggregators are platforms that

Oct 14, 2022

The Best NFT Marketplace Aggregators

This is a list of publicly traded cryptocurrency companies. Crypto stocks offer exposure to companies in the crypto and blockchain industry. Note that crypto stocks tend to have more volatility than other sectors.

Oct 12, 2022

List of Cryptocurrency Stocks

What Is is an easy to use NFT aggregator that lets you buy and sell NFTs across multiple marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, LooksRare, X2Y2 and many others. Since it aggregates NFT marketplaces, you can find the best deals without having to open multiple tabs. They also have other NFT tools like analytics, cheaper gas

Oct 12, 2022

There are various ways to earn free NFTs. You can find free NFT mints on low-cost blockchains or enter free giveaways. You could also get free airdrops just for holding an NFT collection in your wallet. Here are all the different ways to earn free NFTs along with links to popular websites so you know where

Oct 11, 2022

How and Where to Get Free NFTs

The crypto industry has countless ways to earn free crypto. From NFT airdrops to learn and earn programs to play-to-earn games, this post will be covering the common and not so common ideas that are available. If you have time to invest but not much capital, here are the various ways you can grow your

Oct 4, 2022

11 Ways to Earn Free Crypto

What Is It?Ledger, the leading hardware wallet company, announced the Crypto Life Card – a physical crypto debit card that will offer cash back and other features. The card is designed to help you easily and securely spend your crypto in real-life while earning rewards.  It is the first card secured by a hardware wallet and

Oct 1, 2022

CL Card by Ledger

From micro tasks to interest accounts to Bitcoin faucets, there are many ways to earn free Bitcoin that are totally legitimate.Whether you have lots of time to invest or some capital, here are 8 ways you can start adding a little extra Bitcoin into your portfolio. You might also want to check out our how to

Sep 28, 2022

5 Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin