Airdrop Checklist


The Airdrop Checklist

Get the ultimate checklist for 20+ high-potential airdrops in 2024. Save hours of work and access hundreds of tasks in one easy place.

Airdrops have their own risks and rewards are not guaranteed.

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Find The Next Drop

Cut through all the noise. Get our list of high-potential airdrops that we think could reward early users.

Airdrop Checklist


Hunt In Record Time

Airdrop hunting takes forever! Save hours of time and research with all the research and tasks in one place.


Maximize Rewards

Don't just hunt airdrops, learn how the game works. You'll get access to case studies and in-depth guides to help you build high-quality wallets.


Is The Airdrop Checklist Good For Beginners?

Users should should have basic crypto experience and be familiar with operating a crypto wallet.

Are Airdrops Real?

Yes, there are have been many airdrops over the years. In fact, many cryptocurrencies in the top 100 market cap owe their initial growth to airdrops. However, it's important to be cautious as the space does have its share of scams.

How Much Can You Earn From Airdrops?

For top airdrops, earnings can range from $1,000 to $5,000 or more per wallet. Other airdrops might only earn a few hundreds of dollars or much less. The Airdrop Checklist focuses on the highest potential airdrops and you can filter the best ones.

What Costs Are Associated With Hunting Airdrops?

Airdrop hunting has various expenses, such as gas fees and transaction fees. On average, each airdrop will cost approximately $10-$20 in fees or more.

📣 Disclaimer

RankFi researches and vets high quality projects. However, airdrops have their own risks and rewards are not guaranteed! As always, nothing is financial advice.