SynFutures Airdrop Guide | Token Confirmed!

SynFutures is a perp DEX with $38M in funding and a token launching in the future. Early users could qualify for a potential airdrop.

Updated: Mar 31, 2024

SynFutures Airdrop Guide


  • SynFutures is leading perp DEX with $38M in funding, a point system, and a token on the way. Early users who trade on the DEX could qualify for a potential airdrop.
  • The token is not live yet, but according to their team, it will be launching in the future.
  • SynFutures V3 and the points campaign just launched in March 2024. It’s built on Blast Mainnet and the point system is expected to last at least a few months.

What Is SynFutures?

SynFutures is a leading decentralized protocol for perpetual futures, democratizing the derivatives market by empowering users to trade any asset and create arbitrary futures contracts within seconds. It’s V3 oAMM introduces the industry's first-ever integration of a unified AMM and on-chain matching order book model.

They launched in 2021 and currently have over $20M in TVL with over 150,000 traders and $23B in volume generated. On March 1, 2024, they launched SynFutures V3 on the Blast Mainnet, a new Layer 2 network.

The DEX had over 240 pairs listed with V1 and V2, which is more assets than competing perp DEXs. Partly because anyone can freely list new pairs in under 30 seconds.

SynFutures Website

Is The Airdrop Confirmed?

SynFutures has confirmed a token and mentioned an airdrop multiple times in their marketing. The project also introduced a point system which usually contributes to an airdrop reward.

For these reasons, there's a strong chance early SynFutures users could receive an airdrop. According to the team, a timeline and more details about the token will be shared soon.

The airdrop size is unknown, but they’ve raised $38M in funding from investors like Pantera Capital, Bybit, and Polychain Capital. We’ve also seen huge airdrops in the past from DEXs like Uniswap and DYDX, so it could be worthwhile.

SynFutures Points Campaign

SynFutures launched a points program named O_O, or Oyster Odyssey. Users who trade on the DEX will earn 3x points, including SynFutures points, Blast Points and Blast Gold, potentially qualifying for multiple airdrops at once.

In addition, points are being airdropped to users of GMX, DYDX, and more. You can find more info in their Medium Article.

6 Tasks For A Potential SynFutures Airdrop

By making trades, boosting your total volume, and using other features on SynFutures, you can maximize your airdrop rewards. In addition, you should participate in their points campaign before it expires.

Step 1: Join the O_O Program

SynFutures launched a points program named O_O or Oyster Odyssey. Follow the steps below to get a Mystery Box with points along with a 30% boost in points if you sign up using the link below:

  1. Go to SynFutures Odyssey
  2. Connect your wallet (eg. MetaMask)
  3. Change the network to Blast
  4. Connect your X account and follow @SynFuturesDeFi
  5. Join the SynFutures Discord
  6. Claim your points. Share it on X for more points.

Right now, users who trade on the DEX will earn 3x points, including SynFutures points, Blast Points and Blast Gold, potentially qualifying for multiple airdrops at once. You can find more info in their Medium article. The next step is to bridge funds to Blast so we can make trades on SynFutures.

Step 2: Bridge Funds to Blast

To trade on SynFutures, you need to bridge funds to Blast Layer 2. You can use the native Blast bridge (it supports Ethereum Mainnet only) or a third-party bridge like RhinoFi which supports many chains like Arbitrum, zkSync, and more.

  1. Go to RhinoFi or the official Blast bridge
  2. Bridge funds from any network to Blast

Step 3: Make Trades

Once you have funds on Blast, you can deposit funds on SynFutures and start trading to earn points. 

  1. Go to the SynFutures app
  2. Conduct trades and try to build volume over time (within your budget)

Step 4: Provide Liquidity

Remember, the more you trade and provide liquidity on SynFutures, the more points you will earn. This could contribute to a larger airdrop reward.

Step 5: Refer Friends

To earn additional points, you can copy your referral link and invite friends. You will earn up to 30% extra points from each person you refer.

Step 6: Climb The Leaderboard

Based on past airdrops like DYDX and Uniswap, we know that users with more volume and engagement get higher airdrop rewards. Knowing this, you should try to outrank other wallets by tracking your progress on the leaderboard. You can increase your points over time by engaging regularly, like every week or month.

Final Thoughts

SynFutures is a leading perp dex with $38M in funding, a point system, and a token on the way. These are signs that early users are very likely to receive an airdrop.

To best position yourself for a SynFutures airdrop, you should start earning points by placing trades on the platform and adding liquidity to the pools. You can also refer friends and increase your volume over time to earn additional points.

After these steps, make sure to follow their official Twitter and Discord so you can stay up to date on any announcements.


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