Venom Airdrop Checklist (Free Airdrop Opportunity)

Venom is a blockchain with a $1 billion venture fund and token on the way. Here’s how early users can participate for FREE and potentially qualify for an airdrop.

Updated: Mar 22, 2024

Venom Network Airdrop Guide


  • Venom is trying to build an ultra-fast blockchain with infinite scalability. Interestingly, they've raised a $1 billion fund to invest in Web3 projects for their ecosystem.
  • The $VENOM token is not live yet, but is confirmed in the whitepaper and 22% of the total supply (1.5 billion tokens) is set aside for "Community," indicating a possible airdrop for early users.
  • They are currently in Testnet, so you can start participating with zero costs.

What Is Venom?

Venom Foundation is a Layer 1 blockchain aiming for 100,000 transactions per second and an average transaction fee of <$0.0002. Despite being in the Testnet phase, their wallet already has over 1 million installs and they've raised a massive $1 Billion venture fund to invest in Web3 projects.

How Likely Is A $VENOM Airdrop?

Like most big crypto airdrops, Venom is all speculation. The airdrop isn't confirmed, but here's the deal: In Venom's Whitepaper, 22% of all $VENOM tokens are set aside for the community. That's over 1.5 billion tokens which is a pretty good hint that something exciting could be coming our way. 

Venom Tokenomics for Airdrop

Venom Tokenomics according to the whitepaper

3 Tasks To Get The Potential Venom Airdrop

Venom is currently in its testnet phase, offering an opportunity to participate and potentially earn rewards without any cost. Here's how you can get involved and possibly receive a Venom airdrop.

1. Set Up A Venom Wallet

The Venom Wallet is your way to interact with the Venom ecosystem. You can install it as a mobile or browser extension.

2. Claim Free Testnet Tokens

Testnet tokens let you participate in the ecosystem and complete tasks, which is exactly what we're looking for. They are free to grab.

  • Go to the official Venom Testnet page:
  • Connect your Venom wallet
  • Follow the tasks, like connecting your Twitter to get free Venom Testnet tokens

3. Do The Testnet Project Tasks

With your wallet ready and testnet tokens in hand, it's time to dive into the Venom Network. After finishing step 2, a list of projects should appear on the page (refresh if it doesn't). Each project conveniently gives you tasks to complete and lets you mint an NFT at the end.

  • Go to:
  • Scroll down to find over 10 dapps you can interact with
  • Start completing tasks for various projects
  • Mint the NFT when your tasks are complete!
  • Complete as many projects as you like

Participating in Venom's testnet phase is a great way to get familiar with its ecosystem, potentially earn rewards, and contribute to the development of this exciting new platform. I'll make sure to update this when Venom Mainnet is here.

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