Best Airdrop Tools (How I Manage 30+ Airdrops)

Hunting airdrops is all about efficiency. Today, I’m sharing every tool I use that helps me save time, reduce fees, and stay secure while chasing airdrops!

Updated: Mar 22, 2024

Best Crypto Airdrop Tools

1. Portfolio Trackers

DeBank Portfolio Tracker 2

The built-in MetaMask portfolio kinda sucks.

So I use DeBank to view my wallet balances and transaction history across different chains. No need to connect your wallet, just paste your wallet address and that's it.

For Solana, I use Sonar Watch. Both are free.

2. Spreadsheets

Airdrop Checklist Tasks

All serious airdrop hunters need to research and organize their tasks somewhere. I like to organize my airdrop tasks on Notion which is a free tool. My airdrop tasks are split in two sections: Main Tasks and Recurring Tasks:

Main Tasks

  • I have an Airdrop Checklist that compiles the research and tasks I've used to enter over 30 airdrop so far. It focuses mostly on the crucial tasks, like using the project's key features, testnet, or collecting a special NFT. Most of the tasks only need to be done once, but they're important for meeting the minimum airdrop criteria.

Recurring Tasks

  • The recurring tasks are a separate big checklist I knock out once per month. It's purpose is for building volume and engagement across all my airdrops so I can get a higher reward. The tasks are designed to be as quick as possible while covering all the airdrops I'm after.

3. Crypto Bridges

Rango Exchange Bridge

A good bridge is important to reduce fees and increase speed while doing your airdrop tasks. Bridges are a fragmented market, so I have a few projects I rely on which are always open in separate tabs.

These are the bridges I currently use:

  • 1. Rango Exchange: This is a bridge aggregator that supports 60+ blockchains and lets you move funds between EVM and non-EVM chains (eg. Ethereum to Solana). It gives you multiple routes so you can pick whatever option has the lowest fees or fastest time.
  • 2. RhinoFiA cross-chain bridge for Layer 2 projects. I like it because transactions are under 60 seconds and cheap! Over 1 million wallets have used RhinoFi.
  • 3. Orbiter FinanceAnother fast bridge for Layer 2 networks. It supports around 20 chains. 
  • 4. Stargate Finance: I only use this since it could help qualify for the LayerZero airdrop, although the snapshot might already be taken.

All together, these bridges support nearly every chain and each one could airdrop its own token as well.

4. Security Tools


How can you stay safe when using new protocols? Security extensions are a free tool that can help.

There's a bunch that will warn you if you’re about to use a dangerous smart contract. They’re free to use and will give you a pop up whenever your MetaMask opens, telling you if the protocol you're using is safe.

I use PocketUniverse but there are many others on the market as well. I also have a free security checklist for general security advice.

Other Airdrop Tools (Optional) 

5. Crypto VPNs


As a Canadian, some exchanges or Dapps geo-block my location.

For example, the recent Starknet airdrop wasn't allowing US people to claim airdrop rewards. Screw that!

To get around stuff like that, I use ExpressVPN to change my IP-address. NordVPN is another option which is even cheaper.

6. Non-KYC Exchanges

List of Non KYC Crypto Exchanges

Sometimes it's easier and cheaper to do things on a centralized exchange (CEX).

I usually cash out my airdrops or trade altcoins on MEXC.

I also have a list of non KYC exchanges since platforms change their policies all the time.

7. Anti-Detect Browser

Antidetect Browser for airdrops

If you're farming airdrops with multiple wallets, websites can easily track you, even if you use a VPN and multiple web browsers.

That's why I use AdsPower which is a privacy tool to help safely manage multiple wallets.

I cover all the ins and outs in my multi-wallet guide.


Alex is the owner of, where he covers all things finance, Web3, and cryptocurrency. He has been investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies since 2017.

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