Linea Airdrop Guide: 4x Bigger Than Arbitrum?

Linea’s parent company, Consensys, raised $726 million and doesn’t have a token yet. It could be one of the best airdrop opportunities for 2024.

Updated: Jan 6, 2024

Linea Airdrop Guide

Rumors are circulating that Linea could be one of the largest crypto airdrops... ever. Why? Their parent company, Consensys, is one of the most well funded blockchain companies, with over $726 million raised! In this guide we'll cover everything you need to know on how to claim this potentially massive airdrop.

What Is Linea?

Linea is an EVM-compatible Layer 2 zero-knowledge solution. As is the case with other L2s, Linea empowers developers to build on Ethereum without having to compromise on speed and costs. It is from the developers at Consensys, the same people behind MetaMask and Infura.

Despite being a young Layer 2 startup, Linea has managed to cross 50 million transactions on its network. The numbers are testimonials enough for their success, but Consensys has plans to scale by adding cross-compatibility with MetaMask and Truffle.


Is The Linea Airdrop Confirmed?

Like most airdrops, nothing is confirmed. There are no mentions of a token in Linea's official documentation, but there were subtle hints about rewarding developers for contributing to the ecosystem.

If there is an airdrop though, it could be huge. Consensys has raised $726 million, which is why people speculate that Linea and MetaMask could be the biggest potential airdrops ever (see my MetaMask airdrop guide here).

7 Best Tasks To Get The Linea Airdrop

While there is no official airdrop criteria, we know that being an engaged user is the best way to increase our eligibility. To maximize your odds of getting in the snapshot, you should bridge funds to the Linea mainnet and then use popular projects in the Linea ecosystem. Linea is in its Mainnet Alpha so there are lots of apps you can use to potentially qualify for an airdrop. Here’s what I think are the best tasks:

1. Use The Official Linea Bridge

Linea Official Bridge

The first step is to bridge funds to the Linea network which will require some Ethereum. Linea promotes this bridge on their website, so we'll definitely want to use it.

  • Go to and select native bridge
  • Connect your wallet
  • Enter the amount of ETH you want to bridge and select 'Automatic Claiming'
  • Click 'Start Bridging' to send ETH from Ethereum Mainnet to Linea

Due to gas fees, the transaction might be expensive. When you want to bridge in the future or bridge out, you can use the other bridging solution below for a fraction of the cost

2. Try Other Bridges

Range Exchange Bridge

Sending funds to Linea with multiple bridges increases the number of unique smart contracts registered against your wallet address. These bridges also have lower fees. Rango Exchange, for example, lets you send funds to Linea from 50+ blockchains such as Arbitrum, Polygon, and BNB Chain.

Use any of these sites to bridge in or out of Linea from any network. I personally used Rango and Orboter to send ETH on Arbitrum,. By the way, these bridges are likely to have airdrops as well. Check out my Orbiter guide here.

3. Use The Top Linea DEXs

Linea SyncSwap DEX

Now that we have funds on Linea, it's time to use the popular dapps. DEXs are usually the easiest way to generate on-chain activity, which is exactly what we want when chasing airdrops. According to DeFi Llama, here are the 3 largest DEXs on Linea:

Visit each site and swap tokens at least once. Just make sure you are connected to the Linea Mainnet. You can also add liquidity and play with the other features. These protocols could also airdrop their own tokens! Check out my SyncSwap airdrop guide

4. Lend and Borrow On LineaBank

LineaBank Screenshot

LineaBank is a lending platform and according to Defi Llama, has $2.25M in TVL.. If these steps don't work, you might have to try a couple times.

  • Go to and click launch app
  • Scroll down to 'Supply Market' and click on ETH, USDC or any token
  • Supply any amount of ETH to start getting token rewards. You can withdraw it immediately after
  • Borrow any amount of ETH, return it right after

You can also lend and borrow on which is Linea's top lending protocol according to DefiLlama.

5. Buy An NFT On Zonic

Linea NFT Marketplace Zonic

Zonic is a L2 NFT marketplace which has support for Linea NFTs. 

  • Go to and connect
  • Click 'Explore' and tap on the Linea icon
  • Buy any NFT. There are plenty of collections under $1
  • Optional: List the NFT for sale

6. Register A Linea Domain Name

Linea Name Service Domains

Linea Name Service is similar to ENS Domains on Ethereum. Registering a domain will cost 0.0026 ETH. We've done a lot of tasks already, so this is optional. Keep in mind, my transaction failed 3 times before getting a successful one.

7. Try Other Linea Dapps

Linea Ecosystem

By now, we've completed lots of tasks to help your airdrop eligibility. To get multipliers, make sure to keep doing on-chain tasks every 30 days or so. If you want to find more dapps, use these pages to keep an eye on the Linea ecosystem:

Just remember to use a burner wallet and always stay safe when using new projects. Thanks for reading. Make sure to check out the airdrop tools and guides below!


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