Best Potential Crypto Airdrops for 2024 (Base, MetaMask, & more)

By using these blockchain projects before they launch their native token, you could earn thousands of dollars, similar to past airdrops, like Arbitrum ($1k-$20k), Optimism ($1k-$30k), dYdx ($3k-$135k), and others.

Updated: Apr 20, 2024

Best Upcoming Crypto Airdrops

Looking for the top airdrops in the crypto world? I've analyzed the best upcoming airdrops for 2024 based on factors like hype, funding, potential value, and more.

By using these blockchain projects before they launch their native token, you have the potential to earn thousands of dollars, similar to past airdrops, like Arbitrum ($1k-$20k), Optimism ($1k-$30k), DYDX ($3k-$135k), and many others.

Keep in mind that these airdrops are unconfirmed and speculative, but they have the potential to be big if they do happen.


I picked the best potential crypto airdrops based on the following criteria:

  • Airdrop Likelihood: We researched how likely it is a token is being developed and check whether similar projects have conducted airdrops. We also look at the investors, teams credibility, and other relevant factors.
  • Potential Rewards: We can consider several factors such as the tokenomics (if available), the company's valuation, the amount of funding raised, its lead investors, and the number of active wallets using the protocol.
  • Ease of Use: We can evaluate how easy it is to complete the tasks required to receive the airdrop, including associated fees and the time it takes to complete them.

1. zkSync

If you check any airdrop list, zkSync is likely to be included due to its massive funding, hints of an upcoming token, and similar projects conducting airdrops.

ZkSync is a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum that has raised over $458 million, which is roughly 4 times more than Arbitrum. The team has also hinted at launching a native token. In addition, many Layer-2 solutions, such as Arbitrum and Optimism, have also conducted airdrops. For these reasons, I believe it's highly likely we’ll see an airdrop from zkSync.

As of this writing, the zkSync ecosystem has a total value locked (TVL) of $120M, according to DefiLlama. There are hundreds of projects building on it, including high-quality DEXs like Uniswap, SushiSwap, and 1Inch, which recently added support for zkSync. This further demonstrates the legitimacy of the project.

How To Get It

See the full zkSync airdrop guide here. To use zkSync, you need to bridge your funds to the ZkSync Mainnet and interact with popular projects in the zkSync ecosystem. There are a variety of DEXs, NFT platforms, and protocols available to interact with to help you qualify.

2. LayerZero


LayerZero is a highly anticipated airdrop for 2024. It's an interoperability protocol that enables communication and asset transfer between EVM chains while maintaining security and decentralization.

They have confirmed a token and raised over $293 million in funding from investors like PayPal, OpenSea, and A16Z.

Plus, LayerZero has included references to the $ZRO token in its code, suggesting that it is currently being developed. Although an airdrop has not been officially confirmed, several factors contribute to its high potential.

How To Get It

See the LayerZero airdrop guide here. Using LayerZero bridges and dapps is our best shot at getting into the snapshot. You can check out the LayerZero Aptos bridge, Stargate Bridge, and other projects available in the guide.

3. Starknet

StarkNet is a Layer 2 network built by StarkWare to scale the Ethereum network using Validity Rollups (or Zk Rollups). According to its website, it enables dapps to achieve unlimited scale for transactions and computation, while leveraging the security of Ethereum.

Its parent company, StarkWare, has raised $273 million in funding and currently has an $8 billion valuation. The token is also confirmed along with the tokenomics.

The StarkNet token ($STRK) was deployed on the Ethereum mainnet on November 16th, 2022, but the tokens are not for sale yet. According to a medium blog post by StarkWare, the tokens will be allocated to developers and consumers who contribute to the ecosystem in one way or another, so an airdrop and second snapshot could be likely.

How To Get It

See the full Starknet airdrop guide here. Starknet has launched its Mainnet, offering lots of applications that could qualify you for an airdrop. You can bridge funds and interact with popular Starknet dapps, such as DEXs and NFT marketplaces.

4. MetaMask

One of the top airdrops to look out for is MetaMask, a wallet that boasts over 30 million monthly users and now offers a range of features, including built-in swaps, fiat-on-ramp, liquid staking, and more.

Consensys, the parent company of MetaMask, is one of the most well-funded blockchain firms, having raised an impressive $725 million, according to Tracxn. Airdrop rumors are fuelled further because the $MASK token has been confirmed by Consencys CEO and co-founder Joe Lubin, as reported by Yahoo Finance.

How To Get It

See the full MetaMask airdrop guide here. To potentially receive this airdrop, create a MetaMask wallet, and use all of its built-in features. This includes MetaMask swap, built-in bridge, liquid staking, and more.

5. Linea

If you're interested in the MetaMask airdrop, it's worth considering Linea as well. Linea is owned by Consensys, the same company behind MetaMask, which has received $725 million in funding.

Linea is an EVM-compatible Layer 2 zero-knowledge solution. Just like other L2s, Linea empowers developers to build on Ethereum without having to compromise on speed and cost. Consensys is also pushing Linea by adding it to the MetaMask wallet, which is used by 30 million monthly users.

Like most airdrops, Linea’s is not confirmed, but there have been subtle hints about a token and rewarding developers for contributing to the ecosystem.

How To Get It

See the full Linea airdrop guide here. To increase your chances of being included in the Linea snapshot, bridge your funds to the Linea Mainnet and use popular projects in the ecosystem. Linea is currently in its Mainnet Alpha phase, so there are lots of apps available that may qualify you for an airdrop.

6. Base

Base is an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain built by Coinbase that aims to enable developers to create on-chain applications without facing issues related to security, speed, and gas fees.

Coinbase has explicity denied any plans to introduce a native token. However, Arbitrum and many other projects have made similar statements. For that reason, rumors persist about the future launch of a $BASE token.

If they did launch a token, Coinbase has $5 billion cash on hand, according to its June 2023 balance sheet, which could easily fund a huge airdrop. Plus, using the Base ecosystem may qualify you for multiple airdrops at once if other projects launch tokens.

As of this writing, Base has achieved incredible success in just its first 2 months, with over $300M TVL, according to data from DefiLlama.

How To Get It

See the full Base airdrop guide here. Many high-quality projects have added support for Base, including Uniswap, 1Inch, and others. You can try using these DEXs, bridge funds using the official Base bridge, and explore other dapps in the ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

This list is not exhaustive, but these airdrops are definitely among the most anticipated in the crypto community right now (also check out the top upcoming Solana airdrops). By actively using and engaging with these protocols, you have the potential to earn thousands of dollars, as some airdrops have rewarded in the past.

It's important to note that airdrops are speculative, and there are no guarantees of rewards. Therefore, use this content for informational purposes only, and do your own research before making any transactions.


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