Scroll Airdrop Guide ($1.8 Billion Valuation, Don’t Miss Out!)

Scroll is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. They have raised $83 million in funding making it a good potential airdrop to go after.

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Scroll zkEVM Airdrop Guide

Scroll has not officially confirmed an airdrop so like most airdrops, everything in this article speculation. However, Scroll has raised $83 million in funding, making it a great project to farm in case they do potentially airdrop a token.

In this guide, I'll go over what you can do on the Scroll Alpha Testnet to maximize your airdrop chances. Since Scroll is currently in Testnet, you can do these tasks without paying any gas fees and it's relatively easy to enter. This guide should only take about 10-20 minutes to complete.

What Is Scroll?

Scroll zkEVM is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that is utilizing zk-rollups technology. It was founded in 2021 and is currently in the Alpha Testnet but the Scroll Mainnet is expected to go live sometime in August. 

Is A Scroll Airdrop Confirmed?

No, an airdrop has not officially been confirmed and none of these steps are guaranteed. However, Scroll has raised lots of money which means it's a good project to try to farm. In total, Scroll has raised $83 million in funding, valuing the project at $1.8 billion. A token is likely to launch so investors can get exit liquidity.

Early users who use the testnet could be rewarded if there is a potential airdrop. Aptos, for example, airdropped 20 million tokens to 110,235 testnet users. Since it doesn't cost any money to use the testnet, let's hope Scroll follows the same steps as Aptos.

After this guide, you can try going for the Base airdrop or the highly anticipated Starknet airdrop.


While we don't know if the Scroll testnet will be included in the airdrop, the tasks below are free to try and should only take 10-20 minutes. Being an early user could result in higher rewards when its time to claim tokens. Try these steps to increase your airdrop chances:

  1. Visit the Scroll Alpha Testnet Page
  2. Add the L1 and L2 Testnets to MetaMask
  3. Visit the faucet and get testnet tokens
  4. Use the Scroll Bridge
  5. Use Popular DEXs on Scroll
  6. Visit the Scroll Ecosystem and use other dApps
  7. Get Guild Roles
  8. Complete Layer3 Quests

1. Visit the Scroll Alpha Testnet Page

Go to and click 'Join Alpha Testnet'

2. Add the L1 and L2 Testnets to MetaMask

Click connect wallet for the Layer 1 and Layer 2 testnets. It will open MetaMask where you can add the two networks.

Scroll Connect Wallets

3. Visit the Faucet and Get Testnet Tokens

Scroll provides a faucet section in their docs but the fastest one is the Bwarelabs faucet.

Scroll Faucet

Scroll provides a faucet section in their docs but the fastest one is the Bwarelabs faucet.

4. Use The Scroll Bridge

  • Go to
  • Send tokens from the Goerli Testnet to Scroll Alpha Testnet
  • Then do the opposite and send tokens back to Goerli Testnet
Scroll Bridge

5. Use Scroll DEXs

There are many big DEXs on Scroll such as Uniswap, DODO Exchange and more. These are very quick and easy to play around with. Visit the URLs below, make sure you connect to the Scroll Alpha Testnet, and then swap tokens:

6. Use Other Scroll DApps

Scroll published a list of projects in their ecosystem. Interacting with other dapps such as Aave and Orbiter Finance creates more evidence that your wallet is an early and active user of the protocol which can help you qualify for an airdrop.

7. Get Guild Roles

Head over to and get as many roles as you can. You will first need to connect your account with your wallet and Discord. You can easily get the 'Scroll OG' for simple tasks like following them on Twitter. 

8. Complete Layer3 Quests

Once you've done the tasks above, go to and complete and verify all 3 quests.


Early users who interact with the Scholl Alpha Testnet could qualify for an airdrop if they launch a token. However, there is no guarantee of a Scroll token at this time. I'll update this guide when Scroll mainnet launches so you can do more tasks to maximize your odds.


Alex is the owner of, where he covers all things finance, Web3, and cryptocurrency. He has been investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies since 2017.

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