Airdrop Farming 101: What Is It and How Do You Get Started?

By using blockchain projects early on, before they launch their native token, you can position yourself to receive airdrops worth $1,000-$5,000 or more.

Updated: Mar 22, 2024

Airdrop Farming Guide


  • Airdrop farming is the process of hunting crypto airdrops to score free tokens and make money. 
  • The key is finding blockchain projects that don't have a token yet, but are likely launch one in the future. Then, completing activities on-chain like swapping tokens or bridging funds to meet the potential airdrop requirements.
  • It can be lucrative. There have been many airdrops over the years including Arbitrum ($1K-$20k), Optimism ($1K-$30K), dYdX ($3K-$135K), and many others.

What Is An Airdrop Farmer?

An airdrop farmer (aka airdrop hunter) is someone who actively hunts crypto airdrops to potentially score free tokens. The process involves researching blockchain projects that might launch a token in the future and then doing activities on-chain in the hopes of meeting the requirements for a future airdrop. Airdrop farming involves tasks like:

  • Researching dapps or blockchains that are rumored to have an airdrop
  • Using the projects as early as possible to generate on-chain activity
  • Interacting with the projects over time to help increase rewards
  • Researching tasks and staying up to date with announcements

Imagine Investing $25 to Earn $1,000

Airdrop farming attracts people because you can earn thousands of dollars with very little investment. With just a few bucks spent on gas fees and transaction fees, you could have received airdrops like Arbitrum ($1k-$20k), Optimism ($1k-$30k), or dYdX ($3k-$135k), to name a few.

For example, anyone who traded at least $1 on the decentralized exchange dYdX, qualified for a $4,300 airdrop! Users with significantly higher trading volume earned over $100,000! Not all airdrops earn that much. Some only earn hundreds of dollars while other are worth nothing at all. However, the risk to reward ratio is quite good.

Multi-Wallet Farming

Other users take it to the next level, farming with dozens or hundreds of wallets. In this CoinTelegraph article, one airdrop farmer received nearly $2,000,000 through 866 wallet addresses. While this is more advanced, check out my multi-wallet farming guide if you're interested.

Step 1: How Do You Find Airdrop Opportunities?

It starts with researching tokenless projects that are rumoured or confirmed to have an airdrop. You can follow content creators, find curated airdrop lists, and join airdrop communities. Then more importantly, you have to identify which airdrops are most likely to happen and have the highest rewards. You can consider criteria like:

  • The project's funding
  • The project's investors
  • Tokenomics (if available)
  • Team credibility
  • Cost and time to enter
  • Task difficulty and more

It's important to focus on airdrops that actually pay well. That's why this steps involves lots of research and time management to identify the right opportunities. If you want to save yourself the trouble and have this done for you, check out my ultimate Airdrop Checklist.

Step 2: How Do You Qualify for Airdrops?

Blockchain projects use airdrops to reward their earliest, most engaged users. Therefore, farming typically requires using the network or dapp as much as possible. This can include doing activities like swapping tokens on DEXs, trading NFTs, and bridging funds.

Arbitrum Airdrop Criteria

Arbitrum's airdrop criteria was based off these 6 categories

Based on past airdrops like Arbitrum, Optimism, and many others, the most common criteria includes your total number of transactions, transactions over time, total volume, and being an early user. Generally speaking, the more you use a project, the more you earn. 

Top Airdrops Right Now

Some of the top crypto airdrops right now include zkSync, Base, and MetaMask. These projects are likely to launch tokens and early users could qualify for a potential airdrop. There are many other opportunities as well which you can can find in my list of top upcoming airdrops and my list of airdrop guides here.

What's The Downside?

While thousands of airdrop hunters have made millions of dollars, that doesn't mean you will. Let's look at some of the downsides:

  • 1. You May Not Get Any Rewards: Most airdrops are speculative and happen as a surprise. While you can make an educated guess, some of the projects you're hunting may never do an airdrop. Airdrop farmers typically participate in lots of airdrops in order to cast a wide net.
  • 2. Airdrops Take A Long Time: Depending when the project launched, you could be waiting months or years before the team launches a token. Patience is essential with airdrops.
  • 3. You Could Get Blacklisted: Users who try farming with multiple wallets need to be extremely careful not to get their wallets banned from receiving the airdrop. Ensure there is no on-chain activity between your airdrop wallets and consider grabbing my multi-wallet guide to stay protected.
  • 4. Scams and Phishing Attacks: There are many fake airdrop announcements, fake company pages, and various scams trying to trick you. Many of them are very convincing! You need to remain cautious and always double check URLs.

Risk Management Tips

While airdrop farming doesn't require much capital, it still has risks which you need to be careful of.

  • 1. Use A Burner Wallet: You should create a wallet dedicated to airdrop farming, that is separate from the majority of your crypto funds. In the small chance that your airdrop wallet gets compromised, the damages will be minimized.
  • 2. Triple Check URLs: The airdrop space is riddled with scams and phishing links trying to drain your wallet. When using any project or dapp, ensure you are visiting the correct URL. Also, never give up your seed phrase. 
  • 3. Use Web3 Security Tools: Tools like Pocket Universe help you simulate transactions and detect malicious smart contracts. This is useful when using new projects and dapps that might not have a track record.
  • 4. Cast A Wide Net: Most of the airdrops you'll be farming are speculative and unconfirmed. Therefore, it's important to participate in multiple airdrop opportunities in case some projects don't reward their users.

Learn The Airdrop Game

For more free resources, check out my top airdrop opportunities of the year and list of airdrop guides.

If you want to learn the airdrop game in-depth, the Airdrop Playbook unpacks every strategy and tactic I use to successfully hunt airdrops. Plus, it comes with a master checklist for 20+ airdrop opportunities.

Happy hunting!


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