Polygon zkEVM Airdrop Guide (Do These Now!)

Early users of Polygon zkEVM could qualify for a MATIC airdrop. Here’s what to do to boost your odds for a potential airdrop.

Updated: Feb 20, 2024

Polygon zkEVM Airdrop Guide


  • Polygon's zkEVM is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, building off the success of Polygon.
  • The founder of Polygon said, “There is no rule that an existing token can’t do a massive airdrop,” hinting that early adopters of Polygon zkEVM might be rewarded. Plus, Polygon has raised over $451 million.
  • To boost your odds for a potential airdrop, you should use the native bridge and play around with dapps like Quickswap, BalancerFi, and other protocols that build on Polygon zkEVM.

7 Tasks For A Potential Polygon zkEVM Airdrop



Action Required


Polygon Bridge


Bridge ETH to Polygon zkEVM

Orbiter Finance


Bridge funds in/out of zkEVM



Swap tokens and add liquidity to the pool



Swap tokens



Swap tokens, add and remove liquidity

Testnet Bridge


Bridge gETH to zkEVM Testnet and back

Defi Llama


Use this to find other dapps and tasks

Taking a cue from past airdrops like Arbitrum and Optimism, you should bridge funds to Polygon zkEVM and start playing around with dapps as early as possible. Plus, the more you use the network – think more transactions and beefing up your volume – the better your chances might be.

1. Use the Polygon Bridge

Polygon has a native bridge that you should use at least once. It only supports ETH Mainnet, so expect a gas fee. You can use third-party bridges later, like Rango Exchange, for multi-chain support and fee savings.

2. Use the Polygon Testnet Bridge

Using the testnet could be a multiplier for the airdrop. Plus, it doesn't cost money. On the same website as above, click "Try Testnet" from the left navigation menu. 

  • Go to this faucet to get free Goerli ETH testnet tokens: https://goerlifaucet.com/
  • Then, bridge your Goerli ETH to the zkEVM Testnet and bridge it back

3. Use the Rango Exchange Bridge

To bridge in and out of Polygon zkEVM with minimal gas fees, you can use third-party bridges like Rango Exchange. Rango supports 60+ chains like zkSync, Base, and Arbitrum, providing lots of flexibility. And it compares prices across every bridge and DEX to give you the best prices.

  • Go to Rango Exchange and connect your wallet
  • Fill out the networks and token you want to send/receive
  • Rango will show you different quotes, pick the best one
  • Complete the transaction and approve in your wallet

4. Swap on Quickswap

Quickswap is a decentralized exchange built on the Polygon blockchain. They've added the Polygon zkEVM network with various features like spot trading, perpetuals with up to 50x leverage, liquidity pools, and more.

  • Go to https://perps.quickswap.exchange/#/?ref=rf
  • Connect your wallet to the Polygon zkEVM network
  • Swap tokens using the swap and perp feature
  • Try other features like referring friends and adding liquidity to pools

5. Swap on SushiSwap

SushiSwap is a DEX that supports dozens of networks, including Polygon zkEVM. You can go here and swap tokens, just be careful for low liquidity. It is hard to swap certain pairs.

  • Go to https://www.sushi.com/swap
  • Connect your wallet to Polygon zkEVM
  • Swap any tokens (be careful with low liquidity issues)
  • Go to the pools page, select Polygon zkEVM from the dropdown, and add liquidity and remove it

6. Add Liquidity on Balancer.Fi

Balancer.Fi lets you find liquidity pools and swap tokens across various tokens and networks.

What Is Polygon zkEVM?

Polygon zkEVM is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution with $20 million in total value locked as of this writing. It combines zero-knowledge proofs and EVM to enhance Ethereum transactions, making them quicker and more cost-effective. 

Unlike Polygon, which is a broader framework for Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, zkEVM specifically accelerates transactions using unique cryptographic methods, aligning closely with Ethereum's rules. 

How Likely Is An Airdrop?

The Polygon zkEVM airdrop is just a rumour, but there are good reasons for the speculation. Polygon's founder hinted at the possibility of using the existing MATIC token for an airdrop. He stated, “There is no rule that an existing token can’t do a massive airdrop,” suggesting that early adopters of Polygon zkEVM might be rewarded.

Given Polygon's significant achievements, including raising $451 million, it seems like a promising opportunity. Therefore, it might be a good idea to consider adding Polygon zkEVM to your list of potential airdrops!


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