ZetaChain Airdrop Guide: 10 Minutes of Work for Free $ZETA

ZetaChain has confirmed a $ZETA token and an airdrop is likely. Here is how you can maximize your odds in just 10 minutes for this relatively easy airdrop.

Updated: Mar 9, 2024

ZetaChain Airdrop Guide

Many people are speculating that ZetaChain, a L1 blockchain for interoperability, is one of the big crypto airdrops to look out for in 2023 or 2024. 

In its whitepaper, ZetaChain has confirmed a token called $ZETA and it now has its own CoinMarketCap page. While an airdrop has not officially been confirmed, that hasn't stopped thousands of people trying to enter. Here's how you can best position yourself to receive the $ZETA token. 

Get started and use my invite link to sign up for the ZetaChain testnet. We'll each get 5,000 free ZETA points.

What is ZetaChain?

ZetaChain is tackling interoperability by building a L1 blockchain that connects everything. With 100+ public blockchains in the crypto world, their goal is to make these networks communicate with one another so Web3 is easier to use.

Their website says, "ZetaChain is the only public, decentralized blockchain and smart contract platform that enables message passing and value transfer between any blockchain, including non-smart contract chains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. No other blockchain enables fully interoperable smart contracts like we do." According to its site, it already has 1.6 million testnet users.

Is A ZetaChain Token Confirmed?

Yes, ZetaChain confirmed that there will be a token in its whitepaper, mentioning the phrase "Zeta Coin" and "Zeta Token" 24 times. The $ZETA token will be used for paying gas fees, enabling swaps, cross-chain transfers, and more.

Is The ZetaChain Airdrop Confirmed?

There is no guarantee of an airdrop, but there is a good chance one will happen. The $ZETA token is confirmed and they have an incentivized testnet where you can earn ZETA points. They also created a page on CoinMarketCap for their token. However, like most airdrops including Arbitrum, MetaMask and Zksync, everything is just speculation.

Overview: How to Receive a ZetaChain Airdrop

Right now, there is a testnet where you can accrue Zeta Points and complete tasks to claim free NFTs. Follow the steps below to get the best chance at receiving the potential $ZETA airdrop:

  1. Sign In On The ZetaChain's Testnet Page (5000 Free Zeta Points)
  2. Request Testnet ZETA
  3. Interact With Zeta Swap Testnet
  4. Invite Friends To Earn More Zeta Points
  5. Collect The NFTs On Galxe
  6. Move Up The Ranks On Guild.xyz

1. Sign In To ZetaChain's Testnet Page

The first step is to sign up on the ZetaChain testnet page. Use my invite link so you and I can both earn an additional 5,000 free ZETA points. To successfully sign up, you have to connect your crypto wallet and then verify your Twitter account.

URL: https://labs.zetachain.com/leaderboard?code=EnpgNYjo8m1rJ9-y1zTSm

2. Request Testnet ZETA

Request Free ZETA Testnet

Once you've verified your twitter and connected your wallet, go to labs.zetachain.com/get-zeta and request some free testnet ZETA. Make sure you switch your MetaMask or crypto wallet to the Goerli network if you haven't already.

URL: https://labs.zetachain.com/get-zeta

3. Interact With Zeta Swap

ZetaChain Swaps

Now, go to Zeta Swap and make some cross-chain swaps on the testnet. If you don't have gETH on the Goerli network, you can grab some for free on the Goerli Faucet (you might have to sign up for a free Alchemy account if you don't have one). Once you get some gETH, go back to Zeta Swap and swap gETH to some different networks.

Interacting with the testnet earns you additional ZETA Points (ZP). These points could potentially translate to airdrop rewards which is what we're looking for. You can come back in 7 days to earn more free ZP. You should also look out for NFT marketplace and other apps to launch, which currently say "coming soon."

URL: https://labs.zetachain.com/swap

4. Invite Friends

To get more ZETA points, you can try inviting friends. Go back to the leaderboard and click "Invite to earn more ZETA points" to get your shareable URL. For each person you invite, you will both earn 5,000 ZETA points.

URL: https://labs.zetachain.com/leaderboard

5. Get The Zeta Supporter Galxe NFT

ZetaChain Supporter NFT

Go to ZetaChain's Galxe campaign to complete the tasks and collect the free NFT. The task is to simply follow them on Twitter and get verified on Discord. When you're ready to claim the NFT, you will need some MATIC to pay for gas fees. A couple dollars worth of MATIC in your wallet will last you a very long time.

URL: https://galxe.com/ZetaChain/campaign/GCcGZUtnHZ

6. Complete Omnichain Swaps

Lastly, you should try collecting the rest of the NFTs by completing more swaps. You can find the requirement for each NFT on Guild.xyz and Galxe to see how to move up the ranks. 

To get started, you'll need to go back to the Swap page on ZetaChain but this time, switch the network to Polygon Mumbai Testnet (you can add the network using Chainlist). Request testnet $ZETA tokens again (you might have to wait 24 hours) and then swap 3 $ZETA from Polygon Mumbai Testnet to Goerlie Test Network. Then go back to Galxe and claim your NFT and the same on Guild.xyz. Keep doing swaps, but try different networks each time until you claim all of the NFTs. 

URL: https://labs.zetachain.com/swap and https://guild.xyz/zetachain

Other Airdrop Tips

  • Enter With Multiple Wallets: The easiest way to double or triple your airdrop rewards is to enter with multiple wallets. However, do your best to use wallets that aren't connected to each other on-chain. Check out my multi-wallet guide to learn how to do everything safely.
  • Avoid Geo-Blocks: If you can't access a dapp because you are geo-blocked, consider investing in a VPN like NordVPN or Surfshark. It will help you change your IP address so you can complete your tasks and claim airdrops.
  • Interact As Much As Possible: The total number of transactions is usually a factor when it comes to airdrops. A transaction can be any interaction with a smart contract like swapping on a DEX, bridging funds, minting an NFT, and adding liquidity to a pool.
  • Make Transactions Consistently: Another good habit is to make transactions over time. Projects in the past have rewarded users who made transactions across multiple months. For example, Arbitrum users who transacted in 6 different months received a much larger airdrop. This makes sense as projects want to reward their most loyal user base.
  • Stay Safe When Visiting Websites: Create a wallet dedicated for airdrops and always double check that you're on the official URL. You should never use your primary wallet when hunting for airdrops.


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