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Last Updated Apr 14, 2024  |  Affiliate Disclosure

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  • Gate.io is a popular altcoin exchange because it offers 1,700+ cryptos and low fees.
  • However, Canada is a restricted country on Gate.io's terms of service.
  • If you want a similar altcoin exchange, you should use Bitget or BYDFi, as they offer hundreds of coins, leverage trading, and low fees.

Gate.io Canada Review

The bottom line is Gate.io is unavailable in Canada and you'll be unable to open an account because it requires KYC in 2024.

If you want a similar altcoin exchange, Bitget and BYDFi are the best non KYC alternatives with hundreds of coins, low fees, and advanced trading tools. Keep reading if you still want to learn about Gate.io.

Pros & Cons of Gate.io

  • 1,700+ altcoins
  • Zero fees on BTC & ETH trading pairs (0.20% on all others)
  • Advanced trading tools and features (charting tools, leverage trading, etc)
  • High trading volume
  • Loaded with features (interest accounts, futures, mining, loans, NFTs, and so on)
  • Unavailable in Canada
  • Not a good fiat on/off ramp. Canadian bank accounts not supported + no CAD wallets or CAD trading pairs
  • Overwhelming for beginners

Gate.io In Canada: What You Need To Know

Does Gate.io Work In Canada? Gate.io has unfortunately disallowed Canadian users. Their user agreement says, β€œUse of the service by users from the United States of America, Mainland China, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Malta, Cuba, Iran, NorthKorea, Sudan, Syria, Crimea region, Bolivia is prohibited."

How Can Canadians Get Around The Ban? Unfortunately, Gate.io requires KYC to open an account and make trades, so there is no way around it with a Canadian ID. Even a VPN will not work if the platform requires KYC.

Gate.io Verification for Canadians & Loophole

When you visit Gate.io from Canada, you will get a message that looks something like this:

Gate-io Warning For Canadians

You can click "confirm" and go on to open an account with just an email address. However, once you try to deposit funds it will ask you to do a light KYC. For this review, I entered entirely fake info as you can see below.

Gate.io KYC Identity

Within 24 hours, I passed KYC and had a verified with fake info. However, I still wouldn't recommend using Gate.io. It's not worth it because at any moment they can take your funds and ban your account.

Gate.io KYC Verification

About Gate.io

Founded in 2013, Gate.io has been around for a while. They have 12 million users and it's one of the 15 largest crypto exchanges in the world by trading volume. One of the main reasons people like Gate.io is because they have 1,700 altcoins, low fees, and advanced trading features.

Plus, on their 9th birthday, they rebranded the platform to make it more user-friendly and easier to use which was a big downside in the past.

Key Features

Gate.io is loaded with features. They have more coins than any other centralized exchange (1,400+) and they offer many types of trading such as spot, margin, derivatives, interest accounts, trading bots, and more. Here's an overview of their top offers:

  • 1,700+ Cryptocurrencies: More cryptos than anyone else
  • Many Account Types: Spot Trading, Margin, Derivatives, and more
  • Earn Products: Earn interest via crypto lending, loans, and other products
  • Advanced Trading Features: Live order books, charting tools, etc

1,700 Coins

Gate.io is one of the better altcoin exchanges since it offers the widest selection of cryptos. Binance currently has 600+ and KuCoin has 700+. If you want to trade large-cap and small-cap altcoins, Gate.io has it all. You also get zero trading fees on all BTC and ETH trading pairs. However, most trading pairs are in USDT which will have a max 0.20% fee.

Spot Trading / Margin / Derivatives

Gate.io offers countless ways to trade including spot trading, 10x leverage trading, perpetual futures, options, and more. They also have Strategy Bots and Copy Trading if you want to make the same moves as successful traders.

Plus Many Other Features

  • NFT Marketplace
  • Different Mining Types (liquidity mining, cloud mining, etc)
  • IEOs and Airdrops
  • Peer-to-Peer Trading
  • Institutional Services
  • Referral Program

Gate.io Fees

Gate-Io’s fees vary depending on what type of trading you do, what cryptos you trade, how much GT you hold (if any), and your 30 day trading volume. 

  • Free crypto deposits
  • 0.20% maker/taker fees
  • 0% trading fees on all BTC and ETH trading pairs
  • Dynamic crypto withdrawals (only pay blockchain/network fee)

Gate.io has maximum maker/taker fees at 0.20%/0.20%. You can lower these fees further if you hold Gate Token (GT). The more GT you hold or the more trading volume you do overall, the lower your fees will be. Gate.io also introduced 0% trading fees for all BTC and ETH trading pairs.

Deposit & Withdrawals for Canadians

Gate.io does not support fiat currencies on the platform, so there is no CAD wallets or CAD trading pairs. The best and cheapest way to fund your account is to deposit a popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Stellar or USDT using a Canadian-friendly exchange. The cheapest and best ones that I reviewed are NDAX, VirgoCx, and Newton which all have free inteac e-transfers and bank transfers.

To cash out from Gate.io, you can withdraw your crypto to any wallet address (eg: hardware wallet or Canadian exchange wallet). Crypto withdrawal fees are dynamic and multi-chain withdrawals are supported.

Gate.io supports credit/debit purchases but only through third-party services which have enormous fees (>5.00%). Plus, they might get blocked by your Canadian bank.

The Bottom Line

While Gate.io used to be a good altcoin exchange for Canadians, it's now restricted in Canada so it's better to use other options.

You can find the best altcoin exchange for Canadians here. If you want to compare crypto exchanges or find the best fiat on-ramp, check out out free comparison tool here.


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