About Us

RankFi started out of frustration trying to compare crypto exchanges and DeFi apps reliably. We got tired of scouring websites that were outdated, unhelpful or promoting whatever products paid the most money.

We believe the best reviews are a combination of being extremely data-driven and based on first-hand experience. So we created a resource to help you find finance products that you'll love and won't rip you off.

🔍 What We Do

RankFi helps you compare and review dozens of finance products.

💭 Why We Do It

There are hundreds of brokers, wallets, dapps and apps but it's hard to find the best ones with low fees.

⚡️ Our Goal

Is to help you find the best tools to build your wealth by making the finance industry more transparent.

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We'd love to hear from you! Is there any data that looks incorrect? Any ideas for product additions? Anything else we should try to improve? Please let us know!

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