4 Bitget Alternatives (Without KYC)

If you can’t use Bitget anymore because of their new KYC policy, or just want a better platform, here are the best Bitget alternatives out there today.

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Best Bitget Alternatives

As of this writing, Bitget was the 12th largest crypto exchange in the world based on trading volume, according to data from CryptoRank. They allowed anyone to trade on the platform before introducing mandatory KYC effective October 1, 2023. 

Whether you're searching for a platform with more coins, higher leverage, no KYC, or all of the above, here are the best Bitget alternatives to consider.

Quick Bitget Overview

Bitget a centralized crypto exchange with 500+ coins and 20 million users around the world. Users can enjoy spot, margin and futures trading with up to 125x leverage. Plus, they have a host of other features like copy trading, AI-powered trading bots, earning services and more.

People enjoyed Bitget because it had 500+ coins, smart trading tools, and low fees. The exchange also boasts big partnerships with the likes of Lioenel Messi, Juventus Football Club, and Adam Devine. On the security side, they have a proof of reserves, $300M insurance fund, and a host of other security features.

Best Bitget Alternatives

Bitget's top competitors without KYC include MEXC, ApeX, MUX Protocol, and AscendEx. Two are centralized, so they could also introduce KYC in the future, and two are decentralized. This is by no means an exhaustive list, however, these platforms are good alternatives to consider.

ApeX Exchange

ApeX Pro

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ApeX is a decentralized exchange so there are no worries of them introducing KYC in the future. It has lower fees than Bitget and the ApeX Protocol was built by Bybit, a popular centralized crypto exchange with over 5 million users.

Currently, ApeX offers 15+ tokensperpetual contracts with up to 30x leverage, and low 0.02%/0.05% trading fees. In addition, the UX is fantastic and you earn free rewards every time you trade.

To use ApeX, connect your crypto wallet, click deposit to send your funds to the smart contract, and trade from anywhere in the world. You can withdraw your funds at anytime back into your wallet.

Mux Protocol


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MUX Protocol is another decentralized perpetuals exchange. Since March 2023, it has been quickly growing to over $50M TVL (total value locked).

Part of its meteoric rise is because t it supports 46 crypto markets and 17 forex markets like EUR/USD and more. It also has 0% price impact and aggregates liquidity from multiple sources, including GMX and Gains Network. Users can also lock up the native token in order to earn protocol income.

All centralized exchanges are moving toward KYC, so learning how to use DEXs like ApeX and MUX will be important moving forward. 

MEXC Global


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MEXC Global is one of the few remaining and largest centralized crypto exchanges without KYC. They offer a 30 BTC per day withdrawal limit and support 1,500+ cryptos versus just 500+ on Bitget. MEXC also has zero spot trading fees and high trading volume, making it a great place to trade altcoins at low fees.

In addition, MEXC is very popular for derivatives traders. It has up to 200x leverage200+ futures trading pairs, and billions of dollars in derivatives trading volume. Millions of users from 170+ countries use MEXC for spot, margin, and futures trading.

However, it's a centralized exchange, so it's possible that MEXC introduces KYC in the future. MEXC also blocks IP addresses in the US and Canada, just like Bitget, so a VPN is needed if you're in one of those regions.



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Founded in 2018, AscendEx is a Singapore-based exchange with over 1 million users. The trading fees are 0.20% for altcoins and 0.10% for large-cap coins and users can trade spot, margin, and futures.

They have roughly $100M in daily trading volume according to data from CoinMarketCap and it's easy to start trading with just an email address, no KYC required.

They have less coins than MEXC but a more beginner-friendly UX. It's also a centralized exchange, so they could introduce KYC in the future as well.

Wrapping Up

At RankFi, I've spent many hours testing and reviewing over 50+ crypto exchanges over the years.

While there are many other great crypto exchanges like Binance and OKX, this list only included platforms without KYC. If you want to research further, you can visit our free comparison tool to compare most popular exchanges across 60+ features.

You can also check out the full list of crypto exchanges without KYC if you want more options.

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