– How to Buy Crypto in 90 Seconds Without KYC

StealthEx is a non-custodial crypto exchange where you can buy crypto in 90 seconds without having to create an account. Without KYC, users can buy 9 coins with fiat and swap 700 tokens cross-chain.

Updated: Apr 14, 2024

StealthEx Review


  • StealthEx is a non-custodial, non-KYC crypto exchange allowing you to swap 700+ cryptocurrencies across different blockchains.
  • It has two primary features: Swap crypto for crypto or buy crypto with fiat, all without KYC or having to register an account. Funds are sent directly to your crypto wallet.
  • They use major CEXs and DEXs like Binance, KuCoin and Uniswap to find you the best rates.
  • It's very easy to use and registering an account is not required, allowing you to make very fast transactions.

What Is StealthEx?

StealthEx is a private, non-custodial exchange, allowing you to swap and buy cryptocurrencies in 90 seconds without having to create an account. With just an email, crypto wallet address, and payment method, you can buy about 5-10 cryptos with fiat currencies like USD and EUR. You can also swap 700 cryptos across different blockchains, all without KYC.

The platform has a simple design and all swaps can be done in just four steps. They also focus on privacy. You do not have to provide any personal information to use StealthEx.

StealthEx Website

Things To Know

  • StealthEx has two primary features: crypto-to-crypto swaps and fiat-to-crypto purchases
  • You can swap 700+ cryptos cross-chain, including EVM tokens to non-EVM chains
  • They've partnered with major CEXs like Binance, Huobi, KuCoin to get you the best rates
  • You can buy crypto with fiat in under 90 seconds with no KYC 
  • It supports 10+ fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, TL, KES, ZAR, GHS, TZS, MXN, VND, and BRL)
  • You can buy 9 cryptocurrencies with fiat (BTC, ETH, TRX, ALGO, BAT, BUSD, BCH, DAI, USDT)
  • Accepted payment methods include credit/debit, Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • No account registration or sign up is required
  • All you need is an email, wallet address, and payment method
  • It is non-custodial. Crypto is sent directly to your wallet
  • The fees are high, but you can see exactly how much you're paying before you order

Key Features

  • Swap 700 Coins and Tokens: Easily exchange hundreds of cryptocurrencies across different blockchains. StealthEx helps you swap cryptos and lesser known altcoins without having to find a CEX or bridge which can be confusing and time consuming.
  • Cross-Chain Swaps: Multiple networks are supported including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, plus lesser-known chains. You can also get EVM tokens to non-EVM chains without having to send your funds to a CEX like Binance or KuCoin.
  • Private (No KYC): To use StealthEx, you do not have to create an account or disclose any personal information. All you need is a crypto wallet and email.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Many platforms claim to have 24/7 support but it doens't live up to the hype. If the online reviews are any indication, StealthEx has amazing customer support that always responds within minutes. If you experience any issues you can send a message to

How Does It Work?

StealthEx has two key features: Fiat purchases and crypto swaps. 

Fiat Purchases

StealthEx Website 2

To make a purchase, all you need is an email address, wallet address, and payment method and then the crypto will be sent directly to your wallet. It uses a third party provider, Mercuryo, to facilitate purchases so the fees are higher than most crypto exchanges. However, it's main benefit is speed, privacy, and convenience, allowing to buy crypto in under 30 seconds.

You can visit, choose from 11 fiat currencies and buy Bitcoin or cryptocurrency in seconds without having to register for an account or provide KYC. 

Crypto Swaps

StealthEx Exchanges

StealthEx supports 700+ cryptocurrencies which you can swap cross-chain on BSC, Arbitrum, ETH, MATIC, and more. You can also conveniently get tokens from EVM to non-EVM chains. StealthEx partnered with major CEXs like Binance and KuCoin. When you enter your order, it will calculate the best rate available in that moment.


StealthEx fees differ on every transaction depending on the asset and amount you want to swap. They compare rates from multiple major cryptocurrency exchanges and DEXs and will show you the final amount before you order.

In addition, there is a network fee included in every transaction since crypto is being sent directly to your wallet. This also varies on the blockchain.

StealthEx Reviews: What Does Reddit and Users Think?

I headed to Trust Pilot, Reddit, and other online review sites to see what customers think of StealthEx. According to the reviews, the customer support is amazing and fast. StealthEx has a 4.8-star rating on Trust Pilot and 4.6-stars on Google Play.

Some of the few concerns are about slow transfers, which can happen because of a glitch or slow network times. However, I didn't see any reviews claiming they lost their funds.

  • One user on Trust Pilot wrote, "Their system works well, but what shone through to me today was the responsiveness of their customer support. (I made a mistake and sent exactly twice what I should have for the trade). Luckily customer support were able to fix this in a short while with very good communications."
  • "I've been using stealthex for a few months now, and it works great. Sometimes a transaction fails because I accidentally do something wrong. Fortunately, stealthex has very good customer support. They respond to my emails within minutes and immediately give me the right solution."
  • "Excellent customer service. On my first transaction I emailed in a panic after ten minutes, a few minutes later I had a reply that it could take 30 to 40 minutes. I was so impressed that a real person replied so quickly, it meant if there was a real issue a live person will solve it."
  • "I have to say, as with any service, hiccups can occur. StealhEX's support has been nothing less than exemplary. I always get a live person to chat with in 30 seconds or less from their website, and always get a resolution."
  • Some Google Play reviews wrote "This is a hidden gem" and "Very good exchange rates. I like this."
  • Most of the negative reviews are around slow transfers: "I wanted to do a simple exchange of two ERC20 tokens. After 72 hours, I am still waiting for my tokens. And I didn't deposit wrong or make any other mistake. Update: The transaction was successfully completed. Unfortunately, the waiting time was 72 hours. But the support was always friendly and finally managed it successfully."
  • "I had 6 exchanges by this service and 3 of them got stuck, why? Read their support answer yourself: "Unfortunately, due to a one-time technical error, our system did not recognize the deposit". This happened three times and they will have such a technical error all the time forever."
  • "Made a large exchange and after a hour of waiting the transaction was failed on stealtex's end because the rate changed. had to contact support and exchange at a rate that made me lose much more money as the coin was moving. ill never use again."

Who Should Use StealthEx?

Overall, StealthEx was made to help you make quick and easy crypto swaps and crypto purchases without having to create an account. You can use it to bridge funds, exchange lesser known altcoins quickly, or buy crypto with fiat without KYC. This review from Trust Pilot review sums it up pretty well:

"If you’re having problems finding ways to bridge assets from niche sectors of web3 to other niche areas and can’t find a one step, plug and play option, StealthEX is your new best friend. This is my preferred way to get EVM tokens to non-EVM chains by avoiding CEX’s or any other custodial option. With StealthEX you are in control, you minimize middle-men, and ultimately reduce capital inefficiencies."'

StealthEx partnered with major crypto exchanges like Binance, KuCoin and Huobi. They also use DEXs like Uniswap and PancakeSwap. They help you get favorable rates without having to visit every platform yourself. 


Buy crypto with fiat in 90 seconds


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