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What Is Blossom Social?

Founded in 2021, Blossom is the first social investing app for Canadians where you can see what your friends and top investors are holding in their portfolios. On the app, Canadians can verify their portfolio by linking their brokerage and then share their investments, see what friends are trading, and discover new opportunities.

While this is a first in Canada, there are various investing social networks internationally like Public.com, eToro, and Shares. Public.com for instance, has grown to 1 million users in the US and is backed by Will Smith, Tony Hawk, and other celebrities.

Blossom recently raised $750,000 CAD to help build community around investing. They plan to add stock trading and other features over time.

Key Features

  • Social Feed. Blossom is a social media platform built for investors where you can create posts, tag stocks, make polls, share charts, upload images, and more. You can follow friends, influencers, and traders, and see exactly what's in their portfolio, what trades they're making, and more. Portfolios are verified since you must link your brokerage - however no one sees the the dollar amount of your portfolio, only the percentages.
  • Discover Investors & Companies. You can check out the Leaderboards to see which Canadians have the best performance and what's in their portfolio. You can also find the most talked about companies, most popular companies, and join the conversation around your favourite stocks.
  • Notifications. Get an alert when an investor you follow makes a trade.
  • Portfolio Tracker. Link your Canadian stock brokerage(s) to view your portfolio and performance. You can share it with friends, see your historical performance, and connect most popular Canadian brokers like Wealthsimple, CIBC, Questrade, Scotia iTrade, and more. Manual transactions are supported as well.
  • Learn and Earn Program. Just like you can find crypto learn and earn programs on apps like Coinbase, Blossom lets you earn free cash for taking quizzes on stocks. As of this writing, you can take 3 mini-courses to earn $6 CAD however. You will get paid out via Interac e-Transfer and they plan to add more lessons in the future by partnering with new companies.
  • Other Features. Blossom has a public roadmap available where they want to add stock trading and more.

How Does It Work?

  • Sign up for free
  • Link your brokerage (optional)
  • Track your portfolio, make posts, follow other investors

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