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  • Blossom is Canada's first "social brokerage" where you can join a community of investors and see what fellow Canadians are holding in their portfolio.
  • Users can link stock brokers to the app so everyone's portfolio is public, creating a transparent and honest environment for discussing investments.
  • With verified stock holdings, you can discover new investment ideas, follow top investors, and monitor the trades of friends, CEOs and influencers.

What Is Blossom Social?

Blossom is an up-and-coming social investing app for Canadians where you can see what your friends and top investors hold in their portfolios. Users can safely link their brokerage accounts in order to make their portfolio public. Then, they can share their investments, see what friends are holding, and discover new opportunities.

The app is unique in Canada because no one else provides investors with a social media feed - let alone one with verified stock holdings. Blossom recently raised $750,000 CAD to help build community around investing. In the future, they plan to add stock trading and become a full service brokerage.

Other Social Brokerages

Although Blossom is Canada's first social brokerage experience, the concept is already popular in other countries since many investors find it useful.

For instance, Public.com in the United States has grown to 1 million users and is backed by celebrities such as Will Smith and Tony Hawk. Other examples around the world include eToro, Webull, and Shares, all of which have social investing features.

How Does It Work?

Blossom is free to use and allows you to link most popular Canadian brokers like CIBC, Wealthsimple, Questrade, and so on. It's very simple to get started:

  • Sign up for free (make sure to use code LHYIK6)
  • Link your brokerage account (optional)
  • Follow other investors, join discussions, track your portfolio

Blossom's Key Features

Blossom Social Website
  • Social Media Feed. At its core, Blossom is a social media platform where you can join a community of Canadian investors. Users can follow friends, influencers, and even CEOs to see what's in their portfolio, get new investment ideas, and discover new stocks. Its features allow you to create posts, tag stocks, make polls, share charts, and more.
  • Verified Stock Portfolios. Users on the app can link their brokerage account which creates transparency with everyone on the app, especially finance creators and financial analysts. No one can see the dollar amount of your portfolio, only the percentages.
  • Lots of Research Tools. Blossom has many ways to discover new investment ideas. You can view leaderboards, top held stocks, the most talked about companies, and join the conversation around your favourite stocks.
  • Portfolio Tracker. Link your Canadian stock brokerage(s) to view your portfolio and performance. You can see your historical performance, share it with friends, and connect most popular Canadian brokers like Wealthsimple, CIBC, Questrade, Scotia iTrade, and more. Manual transactions are supported as well.
  • Learn and Earn Program. Just like Coinbase has crypto learn and earn, Blossom lets you earn free cash for completing short lessons on different stocks. As of this writing, you can take 2 mini-courses to earn $12 CAD. You will get paid out via Interac e-Transfer and they plan to partner with more companies in order to add more lessons in the future.
  • Blossom Pro. A paid membership for additional portfolio tracking features. It includes metrics like your dividend performance, annual yield, track record versus the S&P500, sector breakdown, and more.

App Walkthrough


Starting with the profile, you can see your "Portfolio Breakdown" once you link your brokerage. Blossom supports all the well known brokers like with Wealthsimple, Questrade, Scotiabank, and more. Afterwards, you can create posts and see your trade history. You can also get notified when someone you follow makes a trade.

Blossom Social Profile

Social Media Feed

When you open the app, you are greeted to the home page where you can see Posts and Trades. You can also filter the content between people you follow and people you don't. You will find a diverse amount of content and you can also find the Discover page for more research tools.

Blossoms Social Media Feed

Research Tools

With all the data from linked portfolios, Blossom has created some cool research tools like: 

  • Top investors by performance
  • Top 25 held stocks on Blossom
  • Top 25 most talked about stocks

You can also follow Topics, which are sub-channels for different discussions. These include Dividends, Beginner Investors, Market News, Ethical Investing, Real Estate, and many more.

Blossom Social Topics

Blossom Pro

With Blossom Pro, you can pay to access additional features to better track and understand your portfolio. This includes dividend tracking, sector breakdowns, and more.

Blossom Pro


Blossom is 100% free, with no ads or hidden fees. Their current focus is on attracting users since they are a startup. They recently launched Blossom Pro, a subscription service and also earn some money through the Learn to Earn program.


Blossom has a public roadmap which you can check out. They plan to become a full service brokerage, enabling you to buy and sell stocks and other assets.

Who Is Behind Blossom Social?

Blossom is a Vancouver-based fintech company with 3 co-founders: Maxwell Nocholson, Kartik Bhutani, and Annika Ng. They raised $750,000 CAD in an angel financing round. Some of those investors include Ryan Holmes (founder of Hootsuite) and YouTubers Brandon Beavis and Shay Huang.

What Do Users Think?

I scoured online reviews from the App Store, Reddit, Trust Pilot, and more to see what users think about Blossom. It’s extremely positive so far with a 4.7-star rating on the App Store (166 ratings). A lot of people enjoy Blossom as an alternative to Reddit and Twitter, and they enjoy getting advice from the Blossom community.

  • One user on the App Store said, “I find myself using Blossom more and more to do my investing research. It’s super cool to see what other people are investing in and everyone in the community is very friendly and responsive.”
  • Another person wrote: "Love the transparency aspect of the app! Watching other investor’s decisions and their reasoning behind it gives me the confidence to take risks that I would usually be too “on the fence” to make myself.”
  • “I used to check the Canadian investor subreddit every morning until I got this app. I now check every morning and get great insights. Definitely recommend for anyone that is DIY investor!
  • “A great community of finance nerds, DYI and professionals. The conversation is authentic and people’s thoughts and opinions are proven with their portfolio information.”

Blossom Review

If you want to discover new investment ideas, track your portfolio, and see what others are investing in, Blossom is a great app that doesn't cost any money. Plus, with verified stock holdings, there's nothing else like it in Canada.

Pros & Cons

  • A new way to research stocks and engage with other investors in Canada
  • Free to use with no ads
  • See what your friends, CEOs, or influencers are investing in
  • Great research tools
  • Still in its startup phase
  • Many features like stock trading won't be released for a while

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