September 2023

Apps With a $50 Sign-Up Bonus

Want to earn $50 in the next 10 minutes? Or $150 in the next half hour? There is lots of free money out there. We did the research for you and found the best sign-up offers and promotions that offer $50 or more.

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Bonus Amount


$50 free

Receive a qualifying direct deposit of $200+ within 45 days

Get $50 free to trade, you can keep the profits

Sign up and trade, you can withdraw $25-$500 of your profits

$50 free

Use code Welcome50 + deposit $200 within 45 days

$100 free

Receive a payroll direct deposit of $200+ within 45 days

$100 to $3,000 free

Sign up and deposit $10,000 to $3 million

Updated Sep 11, 2022

How Does This Work?

Earning bonuses is easy. Lots of U.S. apps, especially in finance and banking, have ongoing promotions that you can take advantage of right now. There is literally free money waiting for you if you want to try new products! Check out some of the best offers for Americans with the referral codes linked above.

Why Do Some Companies Offer Free Money?

It's the same reason companies have sales or discounts, they want your business! Companies will offer free sign-up bonuses to incentivize new customers to use their app. Then once you're in the door, you might like the product and become a long-term customer.

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