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What Is Mudrex?

Mudrex is a cryptocurrency company that makes it easy for investors to automatically invest in the crypto market through a variety of tools. Advanced traders can set up algorithmic trading strategies without writing code. And novices can choose from curated crypto portfolios such as Blue Chips, Top NFTs, Metaverse, and more. The main idea is to help users build custom or curated trading bots based on your risk tolerance. Their motto is, "Invest in Ideas, Not Tokens."

Based on the information their website, Mudrex has 700,000+ registered users and are available in 100+ countries. 

Key Features

  • Algos - Set up an algorithmic trading strategy without writing code
  • Coin Sets - Buy baskets of coins like blue chip cryptos, top 6 NFTs, up and comers, and more
  • Interest Accounts - Earn 14% on all deposited funds with no lockups or minimum investment
  • Fiat Deposits - Invest using a credit/debit card or deposit funds with a bank transfer
  • Mobile App - Mudrex has a beginner-friendly app on the App Store and Google Play

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