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What Is Mudrex?

Mudrex makes it easy for investors to automatically invest in the crypto market through a variety of automation tools.

Novices can invest in "Coin Sets" which are baskets of crypto portfolios related to different topics like blue chip projects, NFTs, Metaverse, and more. Advanced traders can invest in "Algos" which are algorithmic trading strategies without writing code.

A person investing in Mudrex is not solely invested in one coin, like Bitcoin, but in a larger basket of coins. This spreads out their assets among top performers and gives them exposure to higher potential profits. It was designed as a passive-investment crypto platform or a mutual fund for crypto.

Who Is Mudrex For?

Mudrex is designed for beginner and professional investors who want to take advantage of no-code algorithmic trading. If an investor finds it difficult to navigate crypto trading, this platform was designed to make the process easier.

The platform is mostly aimed at novice traders who want to invest in safer cryptos. This includes high market cap assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, XRP, and others. Murdex can also serve professionals who need trading bots to automate part of their trading strategy.

Mudrex Coin Sets

About Mudrex

Murdex helps users build custom trading bots based on their risk tolerance. They currently have 700,000+ registered users in over 100+ countries. Their motto is, "Invest in Ideas, Not Tokens."

Key Features

All of Mudrex products are fully automated allowing you to set up investing strategies in just a few clicks. Here are the core features:

  • Algos - Set up algorithmic trading strategies by directly connecting to exchanges without writing code. Automate trading using 200+ proven indicators that send reliable buy/sell signals.
  • Coin Sets - Buy baskets of cryptos across different topics like blue chip cryptos, top 6 NFTs, up and comers, and more. The sets are chosen by experts and are regularly rebalanced.
  • Vault (Interest Accounts) - Earn 10% on all deposited funds with no lockups or minimum investment. By depositing in the "Vaults" powered by Binance, users automatically earn interest.
  • Easy Deposits - Connect to top exchanges such as Binance to conduct your trading directly from the Murdex app. Invest using a credit/debit card or deposit funds via an exchange. Most countries in the world are supported.
  • Mobile App - Mudrex has a beginner-friendly app on the App Store and Google Play, including a desktop version.

How Does Mudrex Work?

The process is simple: A user registers for Murdex (desktop or mobile), connects to an exchange API and chooses one of the baskets or trading strategies offered. If the user only wants to earn interest, they deposit assets in the vault and they automatically start earning interest.

The app automatically does the trading for them by connecting to an exchange using API keys. Users can link their exchange accounts (Coinbase, Binance, etc) and allow the Murdex AI to start trading on their behalf.

Professionals have the option of skipping coin sets and opting for one of the algorithmic trading strategies such as the MA crossover to buy and sell automatically during these crossovers.

Opening An Account

To register an account, a user only needs to connect their Google account. Registering is as easy as 1, 2, 3, and doesn't have KYC procedures.

The more difficult part is depositing assets from an exchange and connecting the API keys to give Mudrex access to funds. This guide explains the deposit process from Binance:

Fees and Spread

Mudrex has varying fees based on the product offered. The basic basket option incurs a 1% monthly fee based on the total deposit amount. If they opt for a premium plan, the fee is reduced to 0.5%.

Algorithmic trading varies based on the tools and indicators used. An AI trading bot can incur a fee such as 2% per month based on your initial investment. For example, if we invest $1,000, a 2% fee would incur a monthly charge of $20.


Mudrex guarantees "bank-level" security with AES-256 encryption for all account information and deposits coming through the platform. The platform hasn't been breached during its existence. However, Mudrex does warn users that their funds are not insured and that they are taking a risk.

Mudrex Pros & Cons

  • Easy to Get Started: Quickly deposit funds from top-tier exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance.
  • Coin Baskets: Mudrex focuses on coins with billion-dollar market caps such as Bitcoin and Ethereum for their basic investment packages.
  • Algorithmic Trading: Hundreds of trading indicators and trading strategies that automate trading for professionals.
  • Investment Vault: Earn interest on assets without lifting a finger, powered by Binance wallet.
  • Fees: The platform charges $16/month for algorithmic trading with 0.5% deposit fees. It also charges a 1% fee for basket trading.
  • Limited Backtests: Users are given only 100 free backtests per month on the free version and 2,500 backtests on the premium version.
  • DeFi Vault Deposits: The vault deposits are spread out among DeFi coins supported by Binance, and Mudrex directly claims that the performance of the vault is correlated to the performance of those coins.
  • Market Reliant: The baskets move with the market cycles in crypto. During the 2022 bear market, Mudrex baskets provided negative ROI for investors.


Is A Mudrex A Free Platform?

Mudrex is a free platform but there are monthly trading fees ranging from 0.5% to 1% on the total deposit amount.

How Much Does Mudrex Cost?

The premium Murdex plan costs $16/month and it offers advantages such as lower fees and 2,500 backtests per month.

How Much Offer Paper Trading?

Mudrex offers paper trading or backtesting for all trades. Free users get 100 backtests per month.

Does Mudrex Support Binance?

Mudrex supports Binance and other top-tier exchanges including Coinbase, Bybit, Bitmex, Okex, and others.

How Do You Deposit Funds On Mudrex?

Users can deposit funds by connecting their API keys from an exchange. They manually log into their exchange account by passing 2FA authentication and this gives Mudrex access to their account funds. Optionally, they can deposit funds via bank transfer.

How Long Do Withdrawals Take On Mudrex?

Users have the option to withdraw using a bank account transfer or to a crypto wallet. Bank account transfers are processed within 1-2 business days and crypto withdrawals are processed within a few hours.

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