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Ledger is the staple of crypto wallets with sleek and secure devices that bring Web3 to the masses. Their wallets are reputable for security and the "Nano X" and "Nano S" are the best-selling wallets of all time.

These devices are basic in design, but sturdy. Ledger decided to level it up a notch with the release of their first touch-screen-enabled device – the “Ledger Stax”.

At first glance, it resembles a smartphone, but the device signifies the start of a new era in crypto storage. The lead designer behind the product is Apple's own Tony Fadell, the designer of the Apple iPod.

Key Takeaways

  • Stax is Ledger's new premium hardware wallet set for release in March 2023
  • It was designed by one of Apple's greatest product designers, Tony Fadell (he was behind the iPod)
  • Stax has a large 3.7 inch touch screen display, NFT lock screen, and more. It will cost $279 

What Is Ledger Stax?

Ledger Stax is a new touch-screen-enabled crypto wallet with a 3.7-inch screen, Bluetooth connectivity, and personalization options. It retails at $279 and is scheduled for release in March 2023.

It sets the precedent for a new era in crypto storage and goes beyond the basic USB stick-style designs that dominated the industry. While wallets like the Nano X provided basic functionality, the Stax takes it up a notch in functionality.

Ledger Stax
Ledger Stax

The device was personally designed by Tony Fadell who was regarded as Apple’s greatest product designer by Steve Jobs. Fadell went for a book-style design; which when stacked and personalized, gives Stax devices a book-stack appearance.

Ledger Stax has a 3.7-inch E-Pen screen which is comparable to smaller smartphones, or half the size of an iPhone 14 Pro Max. The display is sharper with fewer pixilated points than an OLED.

Ledger Live powers the wallet, providing storage for 5000+ coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins. The device also supports NFT storage and users can customize it to their liking by using their NFT as the lock screen.

Wireless connectivity allows it to connect to smartphones and laptops, but the Stax also supports wireless charging with a long-lasting battery that can go months without use.

Key Features & Benefits

  • 3.7 Inch Display. The Ledger Stax is the world's largest touch screen crypto wallet.
  • NFT Lock Screen & Personalization. Even when the device is idle, it will display an NFT that belongs to the owner using it's special E Ink display. You can also put your name on the side of the device.
  • Cold Storage for 5,000+ Coins, Tokens. Safeguard your digital assets offline, away from hackers.
  • Cold Storage for NFTs. Users can store non-fungible tokens from multiple blockchains including Ethereum and Polygon.
  • Ledger Live. Every Ledger device is powered by the Ledger Live operating system which can be downloaded on mobile and desktop. Ledger Live is a user-friendly way to view your portfolio, connect to Dapps, and even apply for Ledger's debit card.
Ledger Stax

Other Features

  • Stackable Design. Stax was designed by Tony Fadell, the designer who brought us the iPod. When multiple Stax devices are stacked, they resemble a book stack with a curve.
  • Bluetooth. Easy connectivity with all smartphones (iOS/Android) including Windows and Mac devices.
  • Wireless Charging. The device supports Qi wireless charging, making it compatible with most wireless chargers on the market. It also has a 200 mAH battery life which can last months idle.
  • Built-In Magnets. Attach it to other surfaces including Stax wallets.

Ledger Stax vs Ledger Nano X vs Ledger Nano S: Which Is Better?

The Ledger Stax is Ledger's most high-end wallet with a 3.7-inch touch screen while the Nano X and the Nano S are smaller and older devices with no touch screen. The Ledger Stax retails at $279 while the Nano X retails at $149 and the Nano S retails at $79.

It's important to note, when it comes to security, all Ledger devices are the same. While the Stax is better in features, you are paying for a nicer device, not better security.


Ledger Stax

Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano S





Touch Screen




Display Size




Bluetooth Connectivity




Screen Type




Wireless Charging








Ledger Stax is powered by a touch screen and wireless connectivity allows users to sign transactions on their iOS/Android phones or laptops. The Stax design feels a lot more premium and is in a different league compared to basic models like the Nano S.

Users can customize their touch screen with an NFT picture while this is impossible with other wallets. The only comparable wallet to the Ledger Stax is the Model T produced by Trezor, which has a much smaller touch screen. The Ledger Stax may well be the world's best crypto wallet upon its release in March 2023.

For more Ledger Stax alternatives, check out the SecuX Nifty Wallet which is another NFT hardware wallet that I reviewed and the Keystone Pro.

What About Security?

All Ledger Devices are hardware wallets which provide cold storage for your digital assets. In simple terms, your crypto is held offline, away from hackers (unlike software wallets like MetaMask which are always connected to the internet).

It's important to note that with the Ledger Stax, you are not paying for better security compared to other Ledger devices. When it comes to security, it's essentially the same as the Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S. Instead, you are paying for a more premium device that has a beautiful design, 3.7 inch touch screen, NFT lock screen, and cool features.

Is The Ledger Stax Worth It?

With a large touch screen, NFT lock screen, and personalized features, the Ledger Stax will probably the best premium wallet available. However, at $279, it's not necessary if you're on a budget. You can get the same level of security with the other Ledger devices for just $79 and $149.

With the Ledger Stax, you are not paying for better security compared to other Ledger devices. It is essentially the same. Instead, you are paying $279 for a premium device that has a beautiful design, 3.7 inch touch screen, NFT lock screen, and cool features. Costs aside, it has to be one of the nicest crypto wallets in the world.

Pros & Cons

  • Premium design and touch screen
  • Supports 5,000+ cryptos and tokens
  • NFT Lock Screen when idle
  • Ledger devices are not open source
  • Most expensive hardware wallet
  • Same security as the other Ledger devices
  • Doesn't support all 20,000+ cryptos

Ledger Stax FAQ

What Is The Release Date?

The Ledger Stax is scheduled to release in March 2023 when the first units start shipping. Buyers can pre-order the device on the official Ledger website right now.

Is Ledger Stax A Smartphone?

Ledger Stax is not a smartphone. It is only a touch screen-enabled crypto wallet. Ledger Stax only has crypto storage options via the Ledger Live app, but it is not comparable to a phone or a tablet.

Which Cryptos Are Supported?

Ledger Stax supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, and 5,000+ other coins and tokens, as well as NFTs.

Is It Worth $279?

The Ledger Stax is the most premium release by Ledger and the world’s first customizable touch screen crypto wallet. Considering it’s priced at $120 extra than Ledger’s Nano X ($149) without a touch screen, the price is justified.

If you're shopping for a premium hardware wallet with a touch screen, NFT lock screen, and more, the Ledger Stax looks great. However, if you just want crypto security, it's not necessary to spend $279. You can get the same level of security with the other Ledger devices for just $79 and $149.

Is It A Big Device?

No, the Ledger Stax is a small 3.7-inch device that Ledger promises is no thicker than a stack of five credit cards. It is smaller than the average smartphone.

How Much Does Ledger Stax Cost?

The Ledger Stax retains in the US for $279 and in Europe for €279. This makes it Ledger's most-expensive device, following the Nano X at $149 and the Nano S at $79.

Which NFTs Are Supported?

Yes, Ledger Stax supports NFTs from Ethereum and Polygon which can be stored on Ledger wallets. One NFT can be used as your lock screen for personalization.

What If I Forget My Pin?

Ledger Stax uses a pin and if the user misses it 3 times, it re-configures itself to a factory state. In this case, your wallet can always be retrieved using the seed phrase you received during set up.

What Is The Ledger Stax Battery Life?

The battery capacity is 200 mah. According to Ledger, you can use the Stax device for up to three hours and it can stay unused in idle mode for several months.

Who Designed Ledger Stax?

The lead designer for Ledger Stax was Tony Fadell, Apple's chief product designer over the last 20+ years. Tony Fadell was a personal friend of Steve Jobs and widely regarded as one of the greatest product designers of all time.


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