4 Ways to Bridge to Tron (with Minimal Gas Fees)

To bridge funds to Tron, you can use the official partner bridge or find a trusted third-party bridge like Rango Exchange for more flexibility. Here’s everything you should know.

Updated: Apr 7, 2024

How to Bridge to Tron


  • Numerous bridging protocols let you transfer funds to the Tron network.
  • You can use TronPad, an official partner bridge of the Tron network. It lets you send funds between Tron and BNB Smart Chain.
  • The best option is to find a trusted cross-chain bridge like Rango Exchange. It supports 60+ blockchains like Tron, Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Binance Chain, which gives you the most flexibility.

How to Bridge to Tron (TL;DR)

  1. Create a Tron wallet (eg. TronLink, Trust Wallet)
  2. Choose a bridge and connect both your EVM crypto wallet (eg. MetaMask) and new Tron Wallet
  3. Select the network you want to transfer tokens from (eg. Ethereum, Binance Chain, etc)
  4. Select the token you want to bridge and enter the amount
  5. Select the chain you want to send funds to (Tron)
  6. Submit the transaction and approve it in your wallet

What Are The Fees?

To bridge funds from one chain to another, network fees are required and they vary between blockchains. For instance, bridging from Ethereum Mainnet can cost $10 to $100, depending on how busy the network is. However, Layer 2 networks like Linea or Base will only cost a couple of dollars or less.

Once you have funds on Tron, you need TRX to pay for gas fees. According to CoinSpace, a transaction will only cost 1.1 TRX to 13.39 TRX ($0.13 - $1.62). Fees will fluctuate based on how busy the network is.

List of Tron Bridges

Here are some of the best bridging protocols for the Tron network. Each option lets you send funds in and out of Tron using various chains:

1. Rango Exchange

Rango Exchange Bridge

Rango Exchange is the best option because it's an aggregator, so it will check rates across all the bridges to give you the best route. Rango also supports 60+ blockchains, helping you bridge funds to Tron from almost anywhere.

With Rango, you can bridge funds to Tron from almost any chain like Solana, Ethereum, Blast, BNB Chain, and many others. In total, they've bridged over $2 billion across hundreds of thousands of wallets and I've used it many times without issue.

How To Use It

  1. Go to Rango Exchange
  2. Connect both your Tron wallet and non-EVM wallet (eg. MetaMask)
  3. In the "From" section, select the token and network you want to send from
  4. In the "To" section, select "Tron" as the network and "TRX" as the token
  5. Pick the best route that Rango finds you (click refresh routes if you want to find more)
  6. Click "Swap" and approve the transaction(s) in your wallet

Keep Rango open and funds should arrive in a few minutes. If you pick a route that uses multiple chains, make sure you have funds to pay for gas on each chain or you'll have to cancel the transaction.

2. RhinoFi

RhinoFi Bridge to Starknet

While Rango offers the most blockchains and best rates, RhinoFi is a faster and easier bridge where transactions only take 60 seconds to complete.

RhinoFi supports 15+ networks like Ethereum, Optimism and Arbitrum. It's popular as well, with over 1 million users, 48M total swaps, and over $2B in volume bridged.

How To Use It

  1. Go to RhinoFi and connect both your EVM and Tron Wallet
  2. Select the Tron network first (it will only show up if you have USDT token selected)
  3. Select the network and amount you want to send from
  4. Confirm the transaction and approve in your wallet

Keep in mind, RhinFi only lets you transfer USDT to Tron. So make sure you have another way to get TRX on Tron so you can pay for gas.

3. TronPad

TronPad Bridge

TronPad is the first bridging protocol that is partnered with the Tron Network. So if you want an official partner bridge, this is the way to go.

Keep in mind, it only supports BNB Chain, so you will need funds on that network to use it. Otherwise, you can use the other bridges listed above should you want access to more chains.

How To Use It

  1. Go to the official TronPad bridge
  2. Switch the network in your wallet to BSC and connect your wallet
  3. Select the token you want to transfer and amount
  4. Paste your TRX receiving address
  5. Click "Swap" and confirm in your wallet

What Is Tron?

Tron Network is a proof-of-stake blockchain designed to support decentralized applications (dapps) and smart contracts. It was founded in 2017 by Justin Sun and supports low transaction fees, scalability, and high throughput.

According to DefiLlama, the network has $10B in TVL and TronScan data shows over 2 million daily active accounts


How Do You Bridge Out Of Tron?

To bridge funds out of Tron, you can use the same bridge you deposited with. All of the platforms mentioned above let you both deposit and withdraw funds from the Tron network.

Does MetaMask Support TRON?

No, MetaMask ONLY works for Ethereum and Ethereum chains. The Tron Network (TRC20) is its own blockchain and is not EVM-compatible, which means it can't be added to MetaMask.

You can hold the TRX token on EVM-compatible blockchains like BNB Chain, but you can't add the Tron Network to MetaMask. Popular wallets that support TRC20 include TronLink and Trust Wallet.


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