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Launched in 2021, Hi.com is a crypto exchange founded by the ex-CMO of Crypto.com and the ex-CEO of Bitcoin.com. Based on Hi's whitepaper, their goal is to build a financial super app backed by crypto that combines features from PayPal, Robinhood, CashApp, WeChat, Venmo, and more. The app has over 1 million downloads but very mixed reviews - some calling Hi a scam while others think it has promising features.

In this review, we'll take a deep look at Hi.com and its ecosystem. We compared it to over 20 cryptocurrency exchanges to see where it stacks up with the competition. Keep reading to learn about Hi.com and where they're headed.

Our Review

Hi.com won't replace top altcoin exchanges like Binance or KuCoin anytime soon. However, it does have some cool features like crypto casino games, mini games, and you can claim free Hi Tokens daily. They also have a reward card on the way.

Another note is that Hi was founded in 2021 and is still young. Their roadmap is full of exciting features and we've watched them launch new features every month, even in this bear market.

Where It Shines:

  • Earn free Hi Tokens daily plus many ways to earn
  • Fun arcade games where you can bet and earn crypto
  • Roadmap and whitepaper promise amazing features like stock trading, feeless banking, debit cards, Play2Earn, a metaverse, and much more
  • Crypto casino with 100+ games and sports betting (not available in all regions)
  • Collaborations with Polygon, Unstoppable Domains, and many more

Where It Falls Short:

  • 2.1 star rating on Google Play and 2.9 on TrustPilot
  • Many reviews and comments on Reddit say the HI token is a scam. You can only buy HI and can't sell back for fiat or crypto in the app
  • Most of the best features are still "coming soon"

Hi Overview

Coins Offered


Trading Fee


Fiat Wallets


BTC Withdrawal Fee

0.0005 BTC

Notable Features

Staking, crypto arcade games

Supported Countries


More Info

What Is Hi.com?

Hi is a young crypto exchange that was established in 2021. Hi's vision is to build a financial super app that combines cryptocurrencies, stock investments, savings, payments, debit cards, lifestyle benefits, and more. They also have their own native token called Hi Dollars which is currently issued on both the Ethereum and BSC blockchains. Eventually, it will migrate to the Hi Protocol when the network is ready to launch.

The company was founded by the ex-CEO of Bitcoin.com and ex-CMO of Crypto.com. So far they claim to have over 3 million members and 600k fully KYC-ed accounts. At the time of this writing, Hi is still in beta and many features are "coming soon."

Some Stats:

  • Founded in Jan 2021
  • iOS app launched Oct 2021
  • 3 million users from 160+ countries
  • Founded by ex Crypto.com CMO and ex Bitcoin.com CEO
  • Licensed in Estonia
  • Over 120+ team members

Platform & Features

Hi's goal is to build a financial super app that combines features from Robinhood, PayPal, Venmo, WeChat, CashApp, and more. They are still early in the process but here is a look at what they offer plus their roadmap.

Mobile App (beta)

Hi is an easy-to use app that is built for beginner investors. So far, it's available on mobile while the web version is very minimal. It's built with beginners in mind so it's very simple and easy to navigate. It also offers "Trader Mode" which you can activate for advanced charting features, limit orders and market orders.

Quick Trade

Hi offers a simple and convenient way to buy and trade cryptocurrencies with no minimum deposit. You can deposit crypto, buy with a credit card, or deposit 4 fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, HKD). Hi.com supports about 65 cryptocurrencies so far, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Forex, Stocks & ETFs (late 2022)

HI Forex and Stocks

HI Token

The HI Token is a big part of the platform. It pays for bonuses and rewards and incentivizes people to refer friends and attract new users. Here is a brief overview on the Hi Dollar:

  • Max supply: 13,192,916,300
  • ERC-20 and BEP-20 token
  • Will eventually migrate to the hi Protocol when it's ready
  • 50% of all fees generated will buy back Hi from the open market and burn it


Hi Tokenomics

In the app, you can buy HI in three ways:

  1. At the spot market price
  2. 1 year daily release (33% discount)
  3. 4 year daily release (67% discount)

More info about the HI Token can be found in their whitepaper on page 26. There are many concerns about the HI token on Reddit and throughout their reviews. You also cannot sell HI for fiat/crypto within the app, but you can buy it. To sell Hi, you have to send it to a different exchange.


Rewards and memberships are a big focus in the Hi ecosystem and the setup is similar to Crypto.com's credit cards. Hi has 7 different tiers ranging from Basic all the way up to Diamond status. As you stake more Hi Tokens, you advance through the levels. Members can earn a lot of benefits like higher interest rates, feeless banking, personal concierge services, and more.

Also, the whitepaper has images of Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other companies. It looks like they will offer discounts or rebates on these services.

HI Membership Tiers

Hi Rewards

The app is early, but there is already various ways to start earning rewards with more on the way:

  • Earn and stake 15+ digital assets
  • Crypto Mini-Games
  • $200 Million Liquidity pool on Stake.Hi.com
  • Claim Daily Rewards (1 HI per day)
  • Memberships
  • Trading rewards (coming soon)
  • Debit card (coming soon)
  • Referral program

Earn & Stake 11+ Digital Assets

With Hi, you can earn interest on 11 assets with rewards ranging from 1%-40% APY. Depending on your plan, payments are made daily, weekly, or at the end of the term. You can choose between flexible (no lockups) and fixed terms ranging from 1 week to 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. If you choose longer terms, you'll receive increased rewards.

Like Crypto.com, if you stake the HI Token, your rewards will be boosted by 10%, 20%, or 30%, depending on your membership level.

Hi Earn Rates June 4

Source: Hi.com rates on June 4, 2022

Hi Debit Card (waitlist)

Hi's debit card will offer cash back and free subscriptions from popular companies. To be eligible, users must stake at least 100 HI. There is no official release date but you can join the waitlist in the app. Here are the details available:

  • Get a virtual card that works with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay
  • Spend fiat or digital currencies with zero foreign exchange rates or conversion fees
  • 7 different tiers ranging from Basic all the way up to Diamond status
  • Get benefits like no trading fees, staking bonuses, personal concierge services, and more

Hi Casino

At hi.casino.io, you can play 100+ games like roulette, blackjack, slots with the assets you hold in your hi wallet. You can also do sports betting on the FIFA World Cup, NFL, e-sports and more. Players can withdraw instantly without hassle and receive 0.50% rebates for playing. This is all available thanks to a partnership with Yolo Group. The casino is not available in all regions so it could be restricted in your country. 

HiPlay (Crypto Mini Games)

HiPlay has 10 Play2Earn games where you can battle it out against other players for a chance to win crypto. Each one is an arcade-style mini-game with names like "Hi-Skier", "Hi-Shooter", "Hi-Flyer" and more. You can access the game center on their web app.


Want a simple, convenient way to send and receive money? CashHash lets you generate a unique 18-digit code that allows Hi members to send and receive money globally without specifying a recipient. There's no need to know a member's username or account information. By generating a HashCash code, anyone can send and claim value instantly.


Hi has an ambitious goal of reaching 1 billion users which is outlined in their whitepaper. Whether they make it or not, here are the other features they plan on building:

  • A Web3 Dapps Browser
  • A multi-chain non-custodial wallet
  • Forex and stocks
  • Perpetual futures with 1000x leverage
  • Hi Pay for merchants - 0% transaction fees versus 3% from Visa/MC
  • Cross chain DEX
  • NFT Platform
  • Metaverse playable demo

Opening An Account

Hi has optional KYC. Anyone can open an account but you will need to go through KYC to access certain features. The website says it takes 1-2 weeks to review your account but I was verified in about 2 hours. 

Application Time

5 minutes



Verification Time

Website says 1-2 weeks but was 24 hours for me

KYC Tiers:



Daily Limits


- Phone number


KYC Tier 1

- Email address

- ID

- Selfie

- Receive daily bonus

- Withdraw $1m USD

- Withdraw $5k USD of HI

- Send $5k USD

- Pay with card $10k USD

KYC Tier 2

- Become a Silver member (10K HI staked)

- Additional info

- Larger transactions

Deposit & Withdrawals

Hi has 4 fiat currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, HKLD) available to deposit with Bank Transfer (min. $100 USD transfer). Domestic bank transfers usually process in 24 hours while international transfers can take up to 5 days. They also launched personal IBANs in UK and EEA countries so you can use hi like your regular bank account. Easily send and receive EUR and GBP to and from your own bank account, as well as other peoples through SEPA and FPS.

Fiat Currencies

Fiat Wallets

(Deposit/withdrawals supported)

4 (USD, GBP, EUR, HKD) with more on the way

Credit/Debit Card

Yes (USD)

P2P Exchange


Crypto Withdrawal Fees



Minimum Withdrawal


0.0005 BTC

0.00000001 BTC


0.01 ETH

0.00001 ETH



0.01 USDT


Can You Trust Hi.com?

Hi is still a new company that just launched their app in October 2021. They do not have a proven track record so you should be cautious. They have a transparent team, a virtual currency license in Estonia, and other security features. However, it's a very new company so proceed with caution.

⚠️ 44% of platforms we tested have had a hack or incident in the past. We strongly recommend storing and protecting your crypto on a hardware wallet or a wallet where you own the private keys.

Company Security

  • Licensed in Estonia as a Virtual Currency Service Provider (VCSP)
  • Other licenses are in the works in the USA, Australia, UK, EU, and more
  • Custodial assets are insured for $30M USD
  • Cryptocurrencies are stored 100% offline in cold wallets 
  • GDPR compliant
  • Founded recently in 2021. No track record

User Security

  • Face ID / Touch ID log in
  • KYC
  • 2 Factor Authentication (Phone number or Authenticator app)
  • Live chat for customer support
  • Address whitelisting
  • View login history
  • Freeze account button

Official Links

Customer Support

Hi.com claims to have a 24/7 live chat which usually replies in a few minutes. We have not tested it to confirm. In addition, they have FAQs and articles if your problem don't require speaking with someone.

Is Hi.com Worth It?

Hi has over 60 coins, a casino with 100+ games, sports betting, rewards, staking and more. However, it's still relatively new and doesn't compete with top platforms like Binance or KuCoin who have billions in daily trading volume, hundreds of altcoins, and numerous features.

Reasons To Use Hi.com:

  • If you want to get into a new platform early
  • If you want to earn rewards in various ways (Mini Games, staking, and more)
  • If you want to join the waitlist for their debit card and other features
  • If you want to play in the crypto casino

Reasons Not To Use Hi.com:

  • Lots of negative reviews about the Hi token
  • Not many features or coins offered so far
  • Only 4 fiat currencies supported
  • Limited regulation and their reputation is still to be determined


Sign up with code "Rankfi" and claim free HI Dollars daily

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