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What Is Gem.xyz?

Gem.xyz is an easy to use NFT aggregator that lets you buy and sell NFTs across multiple marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, LooksRare, X2Y2 and many others. Since it aggregates NFT marketplaces, you can find the best deals without having to open multiple tabs. They also have other NFT tools like analytics, cheaper gas fees, a "Web3 shopping cart, floor sweeping, and more.

As NFTs have exploded in popularity, so have the number of NFT marketplaces and NFT tools. Tracking the best deals and analytics across the sector becomes difficult. Gem.xyz's goal is to become the best NFT aggregator and they've had success so far. In 2022, they were acquired by Opensea.

Gem's Best Features

  1. Find the best NFT deals across 10+ marketplaces
  2. Make bulk NFT purchases under 1 transaction
  3. Cheaper gas fees than using most marketplaces directly
  4. Find easy collections to sweep the floor
  5. Data and analytics
  6. Find free NFT mints

1. Find The Best Deals

Since Gem aggregates data from 10+ NFT marketplaces (Ethereum only right now), you can shop around and find the best deals. Additionally, they offer helpful filters for sweeping floor prices, finding upcoming mints, and more.

2. Bulk NFT Purchases

Gem allows you to shop on multiple NFT marketplaces at once using their “Web3 Shopping cart”.

Just browse, add to cart, and check out using your wallet and you can buy multiple NFTs under one transaction - greatly reducing your gas fees.

And you can pay with any ERC20 token as well. Since you’re shopping on multiple platforms, you can pick the best deals and save on gas.

3. Cheaper Gas Fees

Gem claims you can save up to 42% on gas fees versus buying on marketplaces like OpenSea and others directly.

If you buy multiple NFTs at once using the Web3 cart, you bundle all of these transactions into one saving the total gas you have to pay. 

Gem.xyz Bulk NFT Orders

Gem lets you to buy multiple NFTs at once in one transaction which drastically reduces gas fees

4. Floor Sweeping

Using Gem's "Sweep" feature, you can easily find and acquire the lowest-priced NFTs in a collection and "sweep the floor". Once the new floor price is set, you can list them for a higher price.

5. Data Analytics

Gem's intuitive dashboard makes it simple to do your NFT research without opening multiple tabs. Keep track of floor prices, live minting activity, recent transactions, number of unique holders, top buyers/sellers, and much more.

Gem.xyz Data Analytics

6. Find Free NFT Mints

One of the useful filters on Gem helps you find free NFTs. In just 3 clicks you can set a filter to see all free NFT mints happening at the moment. Click "Mints", click the dropdown, then click "Free Mints" if you want to try to earn free NFTs.

Gem.xyz Free Mints

Is Gem Safe?

Gem is considered safe. It has over 10,000 visitors every month, was acquired by Opensea in 2022, and has high safety scores according to these security websites:

  • 100/100 score on Scam-Detector.com
  • 97/100 score on ScamAdviser.com

Does Gem Have A Token?

Gem does not have a token but they have hinted at one in the past. The launch of a token could lead to early Gem.xyz users getting a free airdrop.


It's no wonder OpenSea picked up Gem.xyz, they give a lot of value to the NFT community. No matter what you're looking for, Gem makes it easy to shop the best deals, sweep the floor on projects, reduce gas fees, find free NFT mints, and more.


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