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  • Gameta is a GameFi developer that makes play-to-earn (P2E) games on Binance Smart Chain. They've launched over 10 games on the Google Play store and have got millions of downloads.
  • Players can download 10+ games on Google Play and start earning crypto and NFTs
  • Titles like "Ghost Run" and "Frog Prince Rush" have 1M+ downloads each

What Is Gameta?

Gameta is a blockchain gaming company that develops P2E (play-to-earn) mobile games. Launched in 2022, Gameta offers 10 games that reward players using NFTs and crypto. Gameta originally started on Solana but migrated to Binance Smart Chain. 

Gameta is not a game itself, but it is the company that develops games. Think of Gameta as the EA Games of blockchain with a catalog of mobile games that all offer the same NFT & crypto rewards.

Gameta Pro Website

Gameta's goal is to bring billions of users from Web 2 to Web 3 by building light, easy-to-use, and rewarding games. Gameta's game offerings are free to use and simple because they are designed for scalability. 

When Gameta launched in Q2 2022, the project only had 100,000 users and this number quickly shot up to nearly 2 million users throughout the year. The ecosystem's explosive growth is a result of their casual and addictive games. 

Wallets are self-generated and users don’t need a BSC-chain wallet such as TrustWallet to receive Gameta token rewards and NFT airdrops. Gameta's Discord community is also active and hosts daily USDC giveaways for engaged players.

Why Is Gameta Becoming Popular?

Gameta's popularity peaked during Q3 2022 when the ecosystem added nearly 2M active users and 5M+ downloads across all games. The transition from Solana to BSC helped Gameta gain popularity.

According to DeFi aggregator Coin98 "Gameta is currently the #1 most popular GameFi project on Binance Smart Chain":

Gameta trending coin98

Top GameFi games via Coin98 (Sep, 2022)

Gameta gained 1.8M users in September 2022 alone and brought many gamers from Web 2.0 to their platform. 

BSC News, a news portal for BSC projects, also reported on Gameta’s rising popularity on BSC. The CEO of Gameta, Liostain, made the following statement for BSC News:

“As of today, Gameta has become the No.1 gaming application network on the BNB Chain, we are thrilled for this growth on the BNB Chain and are deeply grateful for the enthusiasm from the BNB Chain community,” Liostain, CEO of Gameta, told BSC News.

New game releases and migration from Solana to BSC on August 24th had a major impact on the company’s growth. The platform gained 35,000 users within a 24-hour period during the transition.

How to Play Gameta Games

Gameta games are available for free on Google Play or can be found on their portal. The games consume very little phone memory and are built for the majority, not requiring an advanced mobile device. Users only have to be acquainted with the basics of blockchain and a crypto wallet to withdraw their earnings.

What Are The Top Gameta Games?

The most popular Gameta games are:

1. Ghost Run

  • Game Category: Runner
  • Pricing: Free
  • Blockchain: Binance Chain
  • Rewards: GDO Coin/NFT

Ghost Run takes the role of a ghost running in a parkour setting, akin to Temple Run. The player's task is to accumulate skeletons and skulls without touching objects such as the Bible. Ghost Run is one of Gameta’s most-popular games with over 1M+ downloads and 1,500 reviews. After each passed level, users are awarded Hippo NFTs and GDO in-game tokens which can be converted to USDC.

Gameta Ghost Run

2. Frog Prince Rush

  • Game Category: Romance
  • Pricing: Free
  • Blockchain: BSC
  • Rewards: GDO Coin/NFT

Frog Prince Rush is a unique running game developed by Gameta for Google Play. The game's storyline is inspired by the book "The Frog Prince" in which a frog turns into a prince when he's kissed by a princess. The gameplay starts with a frog that gets kissed by women and the goal is to convert it into a prince. Gamers use left and right navigation to kiss princesses and advance through the game, but they fail their level if they kiss the prop.

Frog Prince Rush is popular with over 1M downloads in the Google Play store. For each passed level, users receive GDO tokens and Hippo NFTs.

Gameta FrogPrince Rush

3. Invest Master

  • Game Category: Strategic
  • Pricing: Free
  • Blockchain: BSC
  • Rewards: GDO Coin/NFT

Invest Master is a business-themed investment game developed by Gameta. The game starts with a character in underwear that collects coins and accumulates wealth as he progresses through the game. The character takes flight at the end of each level. 

The game features coins themed after existing companies such as McDonald's, TikTok, Pepsi, and others. Once they collect a coin, they get a lower value if they collect a coin from a different company. At a certain point, men in suits appear behind them as protection and they progress through levels easier.

The game has also accumulated over 1M downloads on Google Play with 1,600 reviews. Users are awarded GDO tokens and NFTs for each level.

Gameta Invest Master

4. Ants Runner

  • Game Category: Strategic
  • Pricing: Free
  • Blockchain: BSC
  • Rewards: GDO Coin/NFT

Ants Runner is an ant-themed running reward game developed by Gameta. Ants Runner starts with a single ant and the player is tasked with building a large ant army by using the multiplication machine. The ant armies are sent through obstacles and accumulate points along the way. Larger ant armies can accumulate additional points and receive higher rewards in GDO and NFTs. 

Ants Runner was downloaded over 500,000 times in the Google Play store and was one of the first games released by Gameta.

Gameta Ants Runner

What Are Games Similar to Gameta?

Gameta games are mostly chase-based and players collect points strategically as they progress through a storyline. A similar GameFi game is Pegaxy, a horse-themed racing game set in a futuristic world. Other games that offer different storylines, but similar NFT/coin-based rewards systems include:

  • Plant vs Undead: An NFT-based gardening game where users grow plants and protect them from attackers. 
  • Illuvium: The first AAA-tier blockchain battle game with monsters. 
  • Gods Unchained: A card-based NFT battle game built on the Immutable X marketplace.
  • Axie Infinity: A Pokemon-inspired NFT game and the first Ethereum game to do over $1 billion in sales.
  • Decentraland: A land-based game where users can own & trade plots of land.

Can You Make Money With Gameta?

Players can earn money with Gameta by completing levels and receiving rewards in the form of GDO tokens. The built-in GDO token has an exchange rate of 10,000 per 1 USDC. For each completed level, gamers are awarded approximately 4,000-5,000 GDO tokens.

To maximize their earnings, they can purchase a Common Hippo NFT which costs $2.99 and is paid in the GDO token. They can deposit crypto such as BNB or USDC over the BSC network and trade it for the NFT in the built-in marketplace (available on mobile and desktop).

Gameta Wallet

The built-in tokens are not publicly tradable on DeFi protocols like PancakeSwap and users can only swap them on the app for stablecoins.

The earning potential is not very high even for a gamer who plays for a long-time, and these games should be played for fun.

What Are The Gameta NFTs?

Gameta's games have two categories of NFTs: “White Hippo” and “Common Hippo”. These NFTs can be converted to GDO tokens and are given at different stages in the game cycle.

  • White Hippo NFT: A white hippo is given to users at registration and stays in their wallet for one day.
  • Common Hippo NFT: A common hippo costs $2.99 and gives access to higher GDO rewards and HIP coin rewards + new airdrops and reveals.

NFTs are used as props in Gameta games and help gamers finish their levels. They can boost characteristics such as health that give the character higher durability.

How Does Gameta Make Money?

Gameta makes money by running ads on their games. As the company is giving out GDO tokens which can be converted to USDC, we might assume that they're operating at a net loss. However, their games have millions of downloads and ad revenue makes up for their loss. 

Binance Labs also announced a financing round for Gameta that included 7 other projects. Gameta is now officially part of the Binance family and will receive the funding it needs to develop P2E games.

Does Gameta Have A Token?

Gameta has two coins for their rewards-based game system: “GDO” and “HIP”. GDO is the in-game reward token that is given upon successful completion of levels. HIP is the governance token of the Gameta ecosystem. 

GDO has a fixed rate of 10,000 GDO = $1. The GDO can then be converted to USDC. Players can earn the GDO token by completing levels in the game and trading their NFTs for GDO. HIP can only be obtained by trading rare NFTs for the coin. 

These coins are not listed on CEXs or DEXs at the moment. They have fixed conversion rates, but this might change in the future.


Gameta's in-game rewards token, GDO, has an unlimited supply and a fixed rate of $1 per 10,000 tokens. The HIP governance token is capped at a total of 1,000,000,000 (1B) and will be released once the team reaches their 1M active users milestone. 

The HIP token will also serve the purpose of paying for user fees in the game. The following is the distribution for HIP tokens upon release according to the Gameta whitepaper:

Gameta Tokenomics

The vast majority of HIP tokens, or 35%, will be allocated towards community rewards. 18% will be released during the pre-sale stage and the team will retain 15%.

Team & Backing

Gameta is lead by an anonymous team and incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. Binance Labs announced a financing round for Gameta in September 2021, as one of the most promising projects on the BSC network.


Gameta has a detailed roadmap laid out for the future with plans to scale up to 20M users by Q1 2023. Their plans include new game releases, a smart wallet, and a desktop playground for the games.

How to Play Gameta Games? 4-Step Guide

Playing Gameta games is a simple process and a user only needs an Android mobile device with Google Play. If you've ever played games like Temple Run, Gameta games are very similar. Here's a 4-step guide to get started with Gameta games.

  • Browse Games. Visit the "Game" section on the Gameta website catalog and choose a game. There are 10 games to choose from at the moment 
  • Download & Install. Navigate to the Google Play link and download the game you want to play on your mobile device.
  • Register. Registration is free and Gamete self-generates a wallet with a private key. New users get a free hippo NFT and 100 GDO tokens to start with ($0.01).
  • Start Playing. Play the game and get acquainted with the rewards systems and traps. All Gameta games gift GDO tokens at the end of a level.

Gameta FAQ

How Do You Cash Out?

To cash out, convert the GDO token to USDC on the app and withdraw them to your BSC wallet. 

Are Gameta Games Available on Android and iOS?

Gameta games are currently only available on Android in the Google Play Store. Gameta intends to expand its product offerings to Apple iOS users in the future, but currently, they are limited to the Android ecosystem. 

What Is The Best Gameta Game?

According to Google Play, the most-downloaded Gameta game is "Invest Master". Invest Master is a business-themed strategy game in which the protagonist runs around and collects coins from companies such as Coca-Cola & McDonalds. The game accumulated 1M downloads and 1,700 reviews, making it the most-played Gameta game. 

Ghost Run may be slightly more entertaining for some because it's a horror-themed chase game with engaging graphics.

Gameta Resources


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