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Shakepay Referral Code

Updated March 2023   |  Affiliate Disclosure

About Shakepay

With over 1 million sign-ups, Shakepay is one of Canada's most popular apps to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum. It’s built with beginners in mind and has 2 coins, low fees, and various ways to earn free Bitcoin such as a rewards card. You can click here to read our full Shakepay review for Canadians.

Current Shakepay Bonus & Referral Link


The current Shakepay bonus is $10 free - paid in CAD - when you trade $100 or more. Click here to sign up for Shakepay.

How To Claim

  1. Click our referral link to open a Shakepay account (no promo codes are supported)
  2. Fill out the page and apply for an account
  3. Once you're verified, make a deposit of CAD $100 or more (e-transfer is typically the easiest)
  4. Trade $100 of BTC or ETH and $10 CAD will be added to your account

Past Offers

Shakepay used to offer CA $30 free but lowered it to $10 on Oct 1, 2022.

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