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0.40% / 0.60%

Trading Fee 



Last Updated Jul 3, 2023  |  Affiliate Disclosure

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Our Review 

Coinbase Pro has 65+ coins, 0.40% maker, 0.60% taker fees, and is one of the most secure, insurance-backed platforms in the crypto industry. However, it doesn't support Canadian dollars and we think platforms like Binance and KuCoin are better overall because they have lower costs (hidden fees included) and hundreds of more altcoins.

Where It Shines:

  • Safety & Reputation: Coinbase was founded in 2012, has $255 of insurance coverage, tons of security features, and is publicly traded
  • Great User-Interface: Coinbase Pro is very intuitive and well designed
  • Easy Connection to Coinbase.com: Use the same login as Coinbase.com plus get free, instant crypto transfers between your accounts

Where It Falls Short:

  • CAD Not Supported: To fund your account and cash out, you must deposit crypto from an external wallet. Or you can transfer it for free using your Coinbase.com account
  • No Fiat Trading Pairs in Canada: Canadians only have crypto to crypto trading pairs. USD, GBP and EUR are view-only. Plus, no support for CAD
  • Limited to 65+ Coins: For an advanced platform, Coinbase Pro doesn't offer as much as its competitors Binance (400+) or KuCoin (500+)

Coinbase Pro


Total Fees & Spreads: Mar 02, 2022

Coins Offered


Total BTC Purchase Fee

N/A (Can't buy with CAD)

Total BTC Selling Fee

N/A (Can't sell with CAD)

BTC Spread

0.05% (Tied for 4th place)

Regular Trading Fee

0.40% Maker Fee

0.60% Taker Fee

Funding Methods

Crypto Only

CAD Deposits

Not Supported

CAD Withdrawals

Not Supported

BTC Withdrawal Fee

Dynamic (Mining Fees)

Notable Features

Advanced trading, Create up to 5 portfolios

About Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro lets you trade digital assets for lower spreads and with more advanced features than on Coinbase.com.

The Pro platform offers it's own web app and mobile app but still uses the same login as Coinbase.com for easy access.

Coinbase was founded in 2012 and has over 100+ million registered users around the world. It is considered one of the largest and safest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It's also a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ.

Fees & Spread

Coinbase Pro had a BTC spread of 0.05% which was tied for 4th place out of 18 platforms tested. Since you cannot fund or withdraw CAD, we did not calculate the total BTC purchase fee or selling fee. However, if you were to fund your account using Coinbase.com, it would be very expensive since Coinbase.com was the most expensive platform for Canadians.

If you want low spreads, trading fees, advanced trading, and hundreds of altcoins Binance and KuCoin (for Ontario) are the best altcoin exchanges for Canadians. You will get the lowest fees on those platforms when funding your account with crypto. 

More Information

We tested 18 Canadian cryptocurrency exchanges at the same time to compare the true fees. This data was collected on Mar 2, 2022 at 4:41pm and is subject to change since spreads and prices change daily.

  • Total BTC Purchase Fee = CAD Deposit Fee + Trading Fee + Reference Price Difference
  • Total BTC Selling Fee = CAD Withdrawal Fee + Trading Fee + Reference Price Difference

You can compare all platforms from the price test on this page

Coinbase Pro Fees


*Total BTC Purchase Fee

N/A (Can't buy with CAD)

*Total BTC Selling Fee

N/A (Can't sell with CAD)

Trading Fee

0.40% Maker Fee

0.60% Taker Fee

CAD Deposits

Not Supported

CAD Withdrawals

Not Supported

BTC Withdrawals

Dynamic (Mining Fees)

Other Fees


Dynamic Trading Fees

Coinbase Pro Dynamic Trading Fees

Price Test & Spread

Price Test (On Mar 2, 2022)


BTC Spread

0.05% (Tied for 4th place)

BTC Buy Price


BTC Sell Price


Ref. Price Difference

Buy: -0.26%

Sell: -0.32%

Reference Price (Google)


Deposit & Withdrawals

CAD Dollars

Coinbase Pro does not support funding or withdrawing Canadian dollars in your account. To fund your Coinbase Pro account, you can either transfer funds from your Coinbase.com account or deposit crypto from an external wallet. Transferring between Coinbase and Coinbase Pro is instant and free (no crypto network fees).

If funding from an external wallet, we recommend buying crypto on Newton or VirgoCX because they are the cheapest in Canada and offer free crypto withdrawals for many coins.

Crypto Withdrawal Fees



Minimum Withdrawal


Dynamic (Mining Fees)











Platform & Features

1. iOS, Android and Web App

2. Trading Interface

  • Market / Limit / Stop Orders
  • Lots of trading pairs in USDC, BTC, USDT, BTC, ETH and more
  • Real-time order books
  • Charting tools
  • Trade history
  • Dynamic fee structure
  • Create up to 5 different portfolios to organize your trades
  • USD / EUR / GBP trading pairs are view-only for Canadians

3. Other

  • API Keys
  • Instant + Free transfers to and from Coinbase.com
  • See all Features in our Coinbase.com Review


Company Security Features

  • 98% of assets are held in cold storage
  • $255 million insurance policy on the 2% of crypto held in online hot wallets
  • Sensitive data is stored on paper backups and USB drives in vaults and multiple locations
  • Coinbase claims all personal information is encrypted
  • Employees must pass a criminal background check
  • Bug bounty program - white-hat hackers get paid to find security bugs and vulnerabilities
  • See their security page for more

User Security Features

Can You Trust Them?

Yes, Coinbase is one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges. They have many security features like 2FA, crypto in cold storage, a $255M insurance policy, and more. They're also a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ which means regular audits, public financials and an added layer of safety.

⚠️ Although this platform is safe, 44% of platforms we tested have had a hack or incident in the past. We strongly recommend storing and protecting your crypto on a hardware wallet or any wallet where you own the private keys.

Customer Support

Coinbase Pro has its own help desk section with articles and FAQs. Everything is done through the Coinbase.com site. You have a live chat that says "an agent should reply within 10 minutes" during business hours and phone support. You can also see a live website status in real-time.

Coinbase Pro Customer Support

Best Alternatives

Here are the best crypto exchanges for Canadians right now. We assessed 18 platforms across 60 variables and 1080+ data points.  

  • Best Overall
  • Low fees, 75+ coins, great user interface
  • No advanced features, limited features overall
  • Low all-around fees
  • Free crypto withdrawals for many coins
  • Beginner + Advanced Features
  • User interface can be better
  • Lowest overall fees for Canadians (0.49% total BTC purchase fee)
  • Beginner + Advanced features + Staking
  • Only 30+ coins
  • Slightly higher withdrawal fees
  • Lowest spreads and fees if you fund your account with crypto
  • 600+ cryptocurrencies
  • Most features in the industry
  • Restricted in Ontario
  • Not beginner friendly
  • Low spreads and fees if you fund your account with crypto
  • 700+ cryptocurrencies
  • Trade anonymously (all you need is an email)
  • Not beginner friendly
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