As many as 13% of Canadians own cryptocurrency. 19% of Canadians surveyed acquired their crypto through friends, family, or colleagues.

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12 Canadian Crypto Statistics in 2023

The Bank of Canada is exploring the possibility of a CBDC. They surveyed 85K Canadians and will publish a report later this year, which could include a date for a CBDC pilot program.

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Is a CBDC Coming to Canada? What You Need to Know

While crypto exchanges are not illegal in Canada, the rules are much stricter than other jurisdictions around the world. Here is a list of banned platforms and what you need to know.

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List of Banned Crypto Exchanges in Canada

With 1,700 coins and low fees, used to be a good altcoin exchange for Canadians. However, it’s now unavailable in Canada according to their user agreement.

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Canadian investors looking to get exposure to Ethereum in their portfolios can now do so through multiple ETF options. Get an overview of the top Ether ETFs in Canada.

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Spot Ethereum ETFs Canada

There are several spot Bitcoin ETFs in Canada, which give investors direct access to Bitcoin’s price through a traditional securities exchange.

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Spot Bitcoin ETFs in Canada