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Updated May 6, 2024  |  Affiliate Disclosure

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Bybit is an advanced trading platform with 1,000+ cryptocurrencies, spot trading, crypto futures, copy trading and other advanced features with a great user interface. They have low 0.10% trading fees and over 20 million users. Overall, it's one of the best platforms for advanced crypto traders.


  • Account Types: Trade 300+ crypto futures with up to 100x leverage. Plus copy trading and much more.
  • Good User-Interface: For an advanced platform, the UI is very clear and not as cluttered as other large crypto echanges
  • 99.9% Uptime: Bybit claims they can handle 100,000 transactions per second so your orders always get filled, even in a surging crypto market


  • Less Beginner Friendly: You can many platforms that are more suited for beginners
  • Fiat Trading Pairs: You can buy crypto using many fiat currencies, but the only fiat trading pairs are Euros and Brazilian Reals.
  • Availability: Bybit is not supported in the US, Canada, and a few other countries.

What Is Bybit?

Bybit is a professional cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2018. They serve over 20 million users in 160+ countries and offer lots of advanced trading features.

On the platform, you will find 1,000+ tokens and a clean user interface. Bybit says the platform has 99.9% uptime and they can handle up to 100,000 transactions per second, making sure your trades are always filled.

Deposit & Withdrawals

Bybit supports fiat trading pairs for EUR and BRZ. Most of the trading pairs are in USDT but you can still deposit many other currencies. However, the best way to fund your account is probably to deposit crypto from a fiat on-ramp.

Is Bybit Safe?

Yes, Bybit is considered a safe crypto exchange. They offer 2FA, hold crypto in cold storage, and have never had any hacks or incidents (founded in 2018). They also have over 20 million registered users who trust the platform.

Company Security Features

  • Stores crypto offline on cold storage
  • "All withdrawals undergo a strict confirmation procedure"
  • 99.9% availability. Bybit says the platform handles 100k transactions per second
  • Never had any hacks or incidents (founded in 2018)
  • Insurance Fund

User Security Features

  • 2FA (SMS, email or authenticator app)
  • Setup trusted devices
  • Anti-phishing codes for emails
  • View login history for suspicious activity (IP address, date, time, etc)

Can You Trust Them?

Bybit Fees & Spread

Bybit Dynamic Trading Fees

Bybit Alternatives


OKX is a fast-growing exchange with a a sleek user-interface and low fees.

  • 400+ coins, 180+ futures
  • High volume + low fees
  • 100x leverage
  • Fewer altcoins
  • Unavailable in some areas

The world's largest exchange by trading volume with low fees and tons of features.

  • 400+ coins, 300+ futures
  • Highest volume + low fees
  • 125x leverage
  • Unavailable in some areas
  • Less beginner-friendly

BYDFi is one of the top no KYC, no VPN exchanges where anyone can sign up and trade.

  • 500 coins, 180+ futures
  • No KYC, No VPN
  • 200x leverage
  • No fiat trading pairs
  • Not beginner-friendly

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