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Bittrex Global Review

Last Updated: Apr 21, 2024  |  Published: Apr 8, 2022

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Our Review 

Bittrex Global offers 300+ cryptocurrencies, 0.75% trading fees, advanced trading, and lots of security features like $300M in insurance coverage. Overall, there are cheaper platforms with higher trading volume and more coins and features which you can see in the alternatives section.

Where It Shines:

  • Advanced Trading Features: Lots of order types, charting tools and you can customize the layout exactly how you like it. Plus leveraged tokens, tokenized stocks and more
  • Security: Lots of security features, $300M in insurance coverage, and founded by 3 cybersecurity engineers
  • Reputation: No hacks ever and operating since 2014 which is a long time for the crypto industry

Where It Falls Short:

  • It's Expensive: Credit card fees are minimum 3% and 0.75% trading fees

What Is Bittrex?

Bittrex was founded in 2014 by three cybersecurity engineers and has offices in the USA and Liechtenstein. The crypto exchange has two platforms called Bittrex and Bittrex Global which are available to customers in the USA and internationally.

They market themselves as a security-first platform with "lightning fast trades, dependable digital wallets and industry-leading security."

Some Stats:

  • Founded in 2014
  • Has offices in the USA and Liechtenstein
  • 300+ employees according to LinkedIn
  • Founded by 3 cybersecurity engineers

Bittrex vs. Bittrex Global

Bittrex is for US customers only and offers its own selection of cryptocurrencies. Bittrex Global is for international customers that live outside of the USA.

Fees & Spread

Trading Fee Discounts

Bittrex Global Dynamic Trading Fees

Deposit & Withdrawals

Fiat Currencies

Fiat Wallets

(Deposit/Withdrawals supported)

USD (Wire Transfers)

EUR (Wire Transfers and SEPA Cedit Transfer)

Credit/Debit Card

USD & EUR only (3.00% fee + bank FX fees)

P2P Exchange


Crypto Withdrawal Fees



Minimum Withdrawal


0.0003 BTC

0.0009 BTC


0.0077 ETH

0.0231 ETH



219 USDC


0.05 XLM

0.15 XLM

Platform & Features

List of Features:

  • iOS, Android and Web app
  • 300+ Cryptocurrencies
  • Advanced Trading
  • Instant Buy and Sell
  • Leveraged Tokens
  • Tokenized Stocks
  • Staking
  • Referral Program

1. iOS, Android and Web App

2. Advanced Trading

  • Various Order Types: Market / Limit / Stop Limit / Trailing / OCO / Ladder Limit
  • Customizable Dashboard (edit chart preferences, layout, keyboard shortcuts, and more) 
  • Dark theme / light theme

3. Instant Buy and Sell

4. Leveraged Tokens

5. Tokenized Stocks

6. Staking

  • Earn up to 5.50% in ADA rewards
  • Just a minimum of 1 ADA required
  • Paid out monthly
  • Flexible - withdraw funds anytime

7. Referral Program

8. Other Features

Is Bittrex Safe?

Yes, Bittrex is considered a safe cryptocurrency exchange. They have 2FA, store crypto in cold storage, a $300M in insurance policy, and have never had any hacks. They've also been around since 2014 which is pretty long for the crypto industry.

⚠️ Although this platform is safe, over 50% of platforms we tested have had hacks or incidents in the past. We strongly recommend storing and protecting your crypto on a non-custodial wallet where you own the private keys. Preferably, a reputable hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano X.

Company Security Features

  • Never been hacked (founded in 2014)
  • Founded by three cybersecurity engineers
  • Holds crypto in cold storage
  • Cold storage is insured up to $300 million
  • KYC required (must prove identity to sign up)

User Security Features

  • 2-Factor Authentication
    • Withdrawal Whitelisting
    • View login history fo suspicious activity (IP addresses, devices, times, etc)
    • Optional Email Notifications
    • Add/Remove Trusted Devices
    • Create An IP Whitelist
    • View website status in real-time

Customer Support

Bittrex offers tutorials and an extensive help desk to answer frequently asked questions for customers. They also have a 24/7 live chat support if you want to talk to someone in person - however this has many negative reviews online.

In my experience of using Bittrex since 2017, I've never even had to test their support because the platform has always worked for me. However, many reviews and comments online claim the support is extremely slow and often non-responsive.

Bittrex Support

Best Bittrex Alternatives


OKX is a fast-growing exchange with a a sleek user-interface and low fees.

  • 400+ coins, 180+ futures
  • High volume + low fees
  • 100x leverage
  • Fewer altcoins
  • Unavailable in some areas

The world's largest exchange by trading volume with low fees and tons of features.

  • 400+ coins, 300+ futures
  • Highest volume + low fees
  • 125x leverage
  • Unavailable in some areas
  • Less beginner-friendly

BYDFi is one of the top no KYC, no VPN exchanges where anyone can sign up and trade.

  • 500 coins, 180+ futures
  • No KYC, No VPN
  • 200x leverage
  • No fiat trading pairs
  • Not beginner-friendly

Bittrex Global

Trade 300+ cryptocurrencies