May 2024

Top 7 NFT Domain Registries

Compare the best places to buy, sell and mint NFT domains so you can start a decentralized website or claim your Web3 username.

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Top Pick
Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is the industry leader and most popular choice for buying blockchain domains. It's beginner-friendly, has prices starting at $5, no gas fees, 300+ integrations, and multiple payment methods. Plus, no renewal fees for most names.

  • 2.4 million domains registered
  • 1 price forever (No renewal fees, no minting fees, no gas fees)
  • Many TLDs like .NFT, .Crypto, .Bitcoin, .Blockchain, .X, .Wallet, and more
  • Pay with crypto, credit card or PayPal

Mint Price


Ethereum Name Service

ENS Domains

Ethereum Name Service is the industry leader for minting .ETH domains which are supported by 500+ Dapps. With 1.67M domains minted it's a great place to claim your Web3 username or blockchain domains. 

  • Claim .ETH domains (eg. Brian.eth)
  • 500+ integrations like Metamask, Trust Wallet, Opensea and Uniswap
  • 1.67M domains minted
  • Pay in Ethereum (renews yearly)

Mint Price

0.003 ETH + Gas Fees



Opensea is a secondary marketplace where you can buy and sell domains that have already been minted. Navigate to the domain category to browse NFT domains from any collection like ENS domains, Unstoppable Domains, Decentraland names, Cryptovoxels names, and more.

  • Buy and sell NFT domains that are already minted
  • Multiple blockchains, TLDs and collections supported 
  • World's largest NFT marketplace

Mint Price



ENS Vision

ENS.Vision is a search engine for .ETH domains that are available to register or for sale on the secondary market. It's a great tool because you can see statistics, categories and discovery features that the big apps like Opensea don't offer. See recent sales, top sales, and much more.

  • Best search engine for .ETH names
  • Aggregates .ETH names across marketplaces
  • Multiple discovery features like bulk search, categories, recent sales, stats, and more

Mint Price



Quik is a marketplace to buy, sell and mint blockchain domains. Users can browse 10 TLDs and earn a lifetime royalty on every sale if you mint a new domain.

  • Minters earn a lifetime royalty on every sale which is 5-10% 
  • 10 TLDs such as .Web3, .BTC, .Metaverse, and .Crypto 
  • No renewal fees ever
  • Pay with ETH, BNB, GT or QUIK

Mint Price

0.25-0.80 ETH

Blockchain Wallet partnered with Unstoppable Domains and is letting you can claim a free .Blockchain domain if you join their waitlist. They have 80 million wallets created and 30 million users on the exchange so you know you're dealing with a legitimate platform.

  • Claim a free .Blockchain domain if you join the waitlist
  • Over 30M customers worldwide and 80M wallets created
  • Founded in 2011

Mint Price

Free (for now)

#7 is registered through a smart contract on the Stacks blockchain which is a top 100 cryptocurrency. You can claim .BTC domains which are backed by the security of the Bitcoin network. Stacks makes NFTs, DeFi and smart contracts for Bitcoin. 

  • $5 for your .BTC domain (renews every 5 years)
  • Use your domain to sign in to hundreds of Dapps
  • Secured by the Bitcoin network

Mint Price

About $5

Other Naming Services

There is no shortage of NFT domain marketplaces since nearly every blockchain is launching one. Here is a list of other naming services we found:

Blockchain Domain TLDs

Just like Web2 domains have .com, .org, .co, and more, Web3 domains have their own top-level-domains (TLDs). Some popular Web3 TLDs include:


















How Do I Buy NFT Domain Names?

You can mint NFT domain names or buy them on the secondary market via NFT marketplaces. As of right now, ENS and Unstoppable Domains are the most popular choices. Most NFT marketplaces only accept cryptocurrency as payment. However, some websites like Unstoppable Domains take credit cards.

Can You Make Money With NFT Domains? 

Yes. Just like some people make money flipping .com domains, you can make money flipping NFT domains. While it isn't easy, it is possible if you pick up desirable domains. Some domains sell for 1 ETH and the most expensive sale so far was 350 ETH ($2 million) for Paradigm.eth.

What NFT Domains Have Sold?

ENS.Vision is a good website to see Web3 domain stats and sales for ETH names. Some examples of recent sales include:

  • Sex.crypto sold for 230 ETH
  • Opensea.ETH sold for 99 ETH
  • Kevin.ETH sold for 40 ETH

Are Blockchain Domains a Good Investment?

If you can pick up desirable NFT domain names, it could be a good investment. It only costs ~0.003 ETH to mint a name, and some have been selling for over 100 ETH. The reward can be very high for a relatively small investment. Some people also believe the market will grow and compete with Web2 domains one day.

On the flip side, your particular NFT domain might take a long time to sell or never sell at all. NFT domain names are also a new market, so no one knows where it will go or whether it will last. Hence, both sides have valid arguments.

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