Best MEXC Alternatives (with No KYC, No VPN, and Low Fees)

We compared MEXC against dozens of exchanges. Here are the best no KYC alternatives with low fees and lots of features.

Updated: Apr 25, 2024

Best MEXC Alternatives without KYC


  • MEXC is popular for its 2,000+ altcoins, margin trading and low fees. However, they recently started requiring KYC in some regions, causing some customers to look for an alternative.
  • One of the best alternatives is BYDFi because it requires no KYC and no VPN, making it easy to sign up for.
  • Another great option is BingX, as it has 700+ coins, low fees, and substantial trading volume. It also has no KYC, but many regions will need a VPN to use it.

Is MEXC Adding KYC?

MEXC hasn't made an official announcement, but users are starting to report that KYC is required to make trades. Most users can still conduct trades and only certain regions are getting the alert.

However, this is causing speculation that MEXC is adding mandatory KYC soon, just like Binance, KuCoin and other platforms in the past.

7 Best MEXC Alternatives

Regardless of where you live, here are the best platforms that require no KYC and have similar features to MEXC, like lots of altcoins, futures trading and low fees.

  • BYDFi: 500+ coins with no KYC or VPN (Top Pick)
  • BingX: 700+ Coins with lowest fees (VPN Required)
  • LBank400+ Coins Supported
  • MargexBeginner Friendly Futures Exchange
  • Phemex200+ Coins Supported
  • Hyperliquid100+ Coins (Perp DEX)
  • Bybit1,000+ Coins Supported (KYC Required)






0.1% to 0.3%

Trading Fee



BYDFi is the best MEXC alternative because it has no KYC and no VPN, allowing users to sign up from anywhere, including the US and Canada.

Plus, it has hundreds of coins, futures trading, and up to 200x leverage with fair trading fees. They have good trading volume, 24/7 customer support, and are considered safe based on our analysis.

  • No KYC or VPN required
  • 500+ coins available
  • Futures (margin) trading with low fees
  • Low crypto withdrawal fees
  • Good app and UX
  • No fiat trading pairs
  • Low liquidity on small altcoins
  • No proof of reserves



  • Overview

  • Pros and Cons




Trading Fee



BingX is another great non KYC exchange because it has everything you need like low fees, 700+ coins, 200+ crypto futures, copy trading, and more.

It offers more overall than BYDFi however, many regions will need a VPN to use BingX if they're geo-blocked (see NordVPN for a low cost VPN).

BingX has 14 million users and several billions in daily trading volume. They also check many boxes when it comes to security like proof of reserves, no hacks, and a $400M insurance fund.

If you want a reputable platform with lots of altcoins and competitive fees, there’s a discount to BingX below.

Other MEXC Alternatives

Here are other great options to explore based on dozens of platforms we've reviewed:


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